Steem Monsters: 100 DEC Daily give Away #151(NO UP-VOTE RE-STEEM FOLLOW REQUIRED)

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What is going on everyone? Don't forget that at the end of this month will be a massive DEC give away so stay tuned.

Today's Give Away

Comment something you want to get done soon. Clean the garage


Yesterdays winner was @hazem91, congrats. Hw is new here so go give him a follow and some love.

See you tomorrow folks.


Just woke up... was working last night on something

Love your user icon buddy

clean my house

Find cheaper car insurance.

sounds like hell, lol good luck

Finish furnishing the baby room

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that acually sounds like fun

Catalog my coin collection.

Close on our new home & get moved.


eat pizza and cuddle a rabbit. how random is that?

that is perfect

The Steemfest wrap up post. Due is on the 24th November. Need to get this done latest by tomorrow or else I would not have the time to get it done on time.

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good luck and I look forward to reading it

need to purge the house

of people of things lol

Writing ✍️ something important.

Buy some untamed packs by today

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nice, they are coming soon

Write something for a memory book for my mother-in-law's 90th birthday. I need to get away from Steemit and SM and do it this morning. Maybe I'll go for a walk first to get into the right frame of mind . . .

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Change my oil in my car.

Buy new cards.

Basement cleaning.

Hey @threejay, here is a little bit of BEER from @eii for you. Enjoy it!