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Hi everyone! I am here on my favorite crypto game in the world! Splinterlands! I noticed that the Alpha Legendary card The Elemental Phoenix is now $35 per card! There are only 5 listed on the market so I thought I would try to get in on the action! I also have a Gold Foil Selenia Sky I am putting on the market too. I go over how you can rent a card on Peakmonsters. Splinterlands is not only a great game for battling but the market is an awesome side to it as well. I love it! There are so many great ways to earn money in Splinterlands and this is one of them. Have a great weekend and make sure to get in on all the awesome tournaments!

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What another great season it has been here in Splinterlands! I am here in the video in 25th place, then move up to 23rd place just by parking there and not battling, LOL! I am sure it will move down as everyone is out there battling hard for a place in the TOP 50! You will receive Untamed packs when you make it there the end of season. I hope you all receive some awesome rewards cards! See you all on the battlefield!

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I wish you luck in your battles and daily quest rewards!

I will see you all on the battlefield!

May the Monsters be with you.

Chris Love @clove71

Splinterlands Rep

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$35 card is amazing.I didn't got any good card in my season reward.18 card combinedly not more than $1.

Yeah, that happens, I had this Alpha Elemental phoenix from a long time ago. I got 150 rewards and they were okay, it happens... I saw your latest Splinterlands post. You can use this post You can use this post to make your posts very nice and also a little more length would be great. Then drop it in the Discord channel under- sm-post-promotion to try to get an upvote! to make your posts very nice and also a little more length would be great. Then drop it in the Discord channel under- sm-post-promotion to try to get an upvote! There are also gifs, art and more oin the fan art channel free for your use.

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I'm up to 4 cents a day on my rentals now. Nice way to make a bit extra with my cards.

Greetings and good wishes in the game. Good vibes...

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Great video and post as always :-P. Do you have success on the Leas market? Sometimes it´s hard when you want to leas something.

I would like to support many new or small SM players, but it´s hard to get some participants, I have 3 active giveaway posts and only 2 participants...

I do lease some cards like a Gold Angel of Light, etc. I think during the week you can find more cards available for good deals!