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Hi everyone! I am here on the Steem Blockchain doing some manual curation of great Splinterlands posts! This is just another way to earn crypto with the awesome TCG, Splinterlands!

Please put your quality Splinterlands posts and videos in Discord in the sm-post-promo channel for a chance to receive an upvote from Steem Monsters HERE. Feel free to leave them in the comments below as well as Discord's sm-post-promo channel. I have upvoted the following Splinterlands posts the past few days, please go check them out and show some Monster love!

  • Follow and support the great player and most entertaining and funny like a Pro- Comedian @bittrio as he has the BEST Splinterlands videos HERE! I guarantee you will laugh and learn something too!
  • The very great @gringo211985 has created a fabulous site for filtering Splinterlands cards! Check it out HERE.

  • Check out @monstermarket at today with their new updates 3% cashback on cards and 2% cashback on packs! Check out their many new updates HERE.

  • Check out the great player @ketcom and his Splinterlands report HERE.

  • The amazing @goldmatters had an awesome contest and gave away 3 gold cards worth 22k DEC! Check it out HERE. The winner was just announced on 3-11-20 around 11:45 PM EST HERE.

  • Check out the great @threejay and his daily Splinterlands giveaways HERE.
  • @tsnaks has some awesome Splinterlands posts recording his profits without spending HERE.

  • Check out @yonilkar and his awesome strategic card tips, this helps out new players a lot HERE.

  • Another great daily post by @ketcom the awesome Splinterlands player HERE.

  • A great analysis of my favorite card, the Fire Dwarf by the awesome @marianaemilia HERE.

  • @julisavio wants something done with Lord A, read all about it HERE.

When you see these gifs on your post, I have been there and upvoted you!

Do not forget about the current #steemhostiletakeover! Support the community on Twitter with your voice and hashtags! Let's go Steem community! We got this! Together we are strong!

Steem On!

Chris Love @clove71

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I wish you luck in your battles and daily quest loot chests!

I will see you all on the battlefield!

May the Monsters be with you.

Chris Love @clove71

Splinterlands Rep

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@tipu curate
Good job b

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 0/3 - need recharge?)

Thanks! I will check out your posts next!!!

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Hello Clove! Thank you for this initiative!

Here is the post I made 4 days ago:

Do you have a newer post? We like to upvote posts like around 2 day old max- send me a newer Splinterlands post, (put in Discords promo channel too) I’ll take a look! 👍👍

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Thank you Clove!

Well actually I was making a new post already.
I just published it.

But here's the thing.
I speak about Splinterlands (ok)

The main subject is mostly the Witness program. I think it's a good thing to speak about it. (ok)

However, I speak also about my new project in it. It's a major transition as I want to release a new game to the STEEM community; and it's true I am coming from Splinterlands.

I am unsure you would like to promote it, because of that.

In any case you know my love for Splinterlands. I made a post about it a few days ago; it's just that today I was writing about the new thing too.

For all that reason, I did not dare to link my post here in this comment.
But you may find it on my profile here:

@clove71, Keep up with this Curation Work and keep encouraging more Splinterlands Creators. Have a wonderful time ahead and stay blessed.

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Thanks!!! Do you have a new Splinterlands post? Not a contest one but regular post? I’ll take a look if so! 👍👍

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Nowadays i am just posting my Niche Poetry. Thank you so much for asking and stay blessed.

Dear Clove ! You are doing very good work. Curating quality content is encourage more creators on steemmonsters. and one more thing that where can i grab full images of splinterlands cards?

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Hi!! When you look at any card on then click on lore. Next, you can save the image and use it! 👍👍

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Thanks for the mention, I really appreciate itccv827.jpg