Selling A Gold Foil Legendary Card for the Splinterlands Fundition!

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Hello everyone! The Demon is back again - putting up a Gold Foil Legendary Selenia Sky card on the Splinterlands market. ! I am putting it on the market and I am going to use the money to get in on the Splinterlands Fundition! You can read all about the post on the Kickstarter and Fundition HERE It is an exciting time in Splinterlands! I love that you pay in crypto with Fundition! I will be back with another video of when I sign up for Fundition soon! See you all on the battlefield!
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May the Monsters be with you.

Chris Love @clove71
Splinterlands Rep.


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Good luck with the sale.

I been hoarding my DEC and I'm thinking of selling it and buying the $205 Fundition package as well.

Nice!!! At first I hoarded DEC but once I started buying packs I was a goner lol! I have not sold a big card in awhile! I will see how it goes.👍👍

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Hi @clove71, a new round of the TULIP Mania Game will start this Friday. As a player in the first round, I hope you will join in again. Thanks from game master @Busbecq.

I am only playing Splinterlands! At times I feel like I have morphed into a a Steem. Monster myself, lol!! I play it too much! Love it!

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That's definitely a huge card there, I think this is really an important sale by a standard hahaha I hope you make profits, cheers and let's see how it turns out