Pakistani Drama "Ranjha Ranjha Kardi" Ost Song

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Award Winning Drama by Hum TV Pakistan . The drama was aired on tv on november 2018 having famous two pakistani celebrities " Iqra Aziz " and " Imran Ashraf " and " Syed Jibran " it was highly rated because in this drama they concluded that a person who is abnormal but much more emotional marries a lower caste girl which was daughter of trash picker so no one liked her but that only abnormal husband fall fully in love with her .

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The story revolves around a beautiful and idealist girl, Noori, played by the cute Momina Aayla, whereas her adult role is played by the spectacular Iqra Aziz. Noori belongs to a poor family, whose parents live by picking garbage from streets, due to which she is not comfortable with the environment. She rejects the lifestyle of her parents as she wishes for a better and respectable life. To fulfill this wish of hers, she moves to a city and starts a respectable living by working in a factory. In this journey, she comes to know of Sahir (Syed Jibran) and Bhola (Imran Ashraf). refference

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