Artist & Makeup
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
SPT can be converted to SPT POWER in a process called staking.
SPT Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
HIVE can be converted to HIVE POWER in a process called staking.
HIVE Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
HIVE Dollar
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Author reward: 0.001063 SPT for alexa.art/re-splinterlands-rrfu3t
Author reward: 68.473959 SPT for alexa.art/splinterlands-art-contest-or-pembrook-nymph
Author reward: 3188.027971 SPT for alexa.art/splinterlands-art-contest-or-lunakari-mistress
Transferred 8355.037057 SPT to dswap SwapRequest d5991f9a-7337-4176-a052-79f1c781b318
Author reward: 0.182038 SPT for alexa.art/re-bilpcoinbpc-rqrp8y
Author reward: 71.516828 SPT for alexa.art/splinterlands-art-contest-or-obsidian
Author reward: 169.499299 SPT for alexa.art/splinterlands-art-contest-or-djinn-renova
Author reward: 0.001018 SPT for alexa.art/re-splinterlands-rq1og9
Author reward: 58.834663 SPT for alexa.art/splinterlands-art-contest-or-iidri-fyre-and-water-caller
Author reward: 116.097196 SPT for alexa.art/splinterlands-art-contest-or-coastal-sentry
Author reward: 53.413725 SPT for alexa.art/splinterlands-art-contest-or-djinn-inferni
Author reward: 28.988265 SPT for alexa.art/splinterlands-art-contest-or-dark-enchantress
Author reward: 3630.943708 SPT for alexa.art/splinterlands-art-contest-or-lemell-refugee
Author reward: 31.285293 SPT for alexa.art/splinterlands-art-contest-or-khmer-princess
Author reward: 235.532767 SPT for alexa.art/splinterlands-art-contest-or-mimosa-nightshade
Author reward: 3888.332352 SPT for alexa.art/splinterlands-art-contest-or-lux-vega
Author reward: 26.490834 SPT for alexa.art/splinterlands-art-contest-or-twisted-jester
Author reward: 43.919052 SPT for alexa.art/splinterlands-art-contest-or-vera-salacia
Author reward: 0.000019 SPT for alexa.art/rmlrax
Author reward: 3878.748650 SPT for alexa.art/splinterlands-art-contest-or-skeleton-assassin
Author reward: 0.117877 SPT for alexa.art/re-rowell-rm4dq5
Author reward: 47.824911 SPT for alexa.art/splinterlands-art-contest-or-ice-pixie
Author reward: 0.000830 SPT for alexa.art/rlsdff
Author reward: 2913.031697 SPT for alexa.art/splinterlands-tower-defense-spell-contest-or-heartgiver-spell
Author reward: 1.202601 SPT for alexa.art/rld9dj
Author reward: 3061.296589 SPT for alexa.art/splinterlands-art-contest-or-dhampir-infiltrator
Author reward: 0.035217 SPT for alexa.art/rl6y0g
Author reward: 1.494658 SPT for alexa.art/rl05qn
Author reward: 2977.204101 SPT for alexa.art/splinterlands-art-contest-or-angel-of-light
Transferred 2247.69205 SPT to dswap SwapRequest 51bb77a7-58fe-4874-bbc2-daaa2defb6fc
Author reward: 0.877214 SPT for alexa.art/rkoo2m
Author reward: 2246.814836 SPT for alexa.art/splinterlands-art-contest-or-mermaid-healer
Transferred 6335.941458 SPT to dswap SwapRequest fd600634-1d6f-43f3-9c21-440b974ca9f5
Author reward: 3439.755252 SPT for alexa.art/splinterlands-art-contest-or-byzantine-kitty
Author reward: 0.001268 SPT for alexa.art/rk8e2y
Author reward: 1.699499 SPT for alexa.art/rk4r5i
Author reward: 0.339415 SPT for alexa.art/rk0g96
Author reward: 0.813685 SPT for alexa.art/rjz903
Author reward: 2738.235830 SPT for alexa.art/splinterlands-art-contest-or-runemancer-florre
Author reward: 155.096509 SPT for alexa.art/queen-of-crows-or-splinterlands-art-contest
Transferred 9317.401018 SPT to dswap SwapRequest 4cb48351-3246-4c27-9fb3-3582b7c429c0
Author reward: 0.061447 SPT for alexa.art/rj7cye
Author reward: 3535.792429 SPT for alexa.art/splinterlands-art-contest-or-medusa
Author reward: 2886.448892 SPT for alexa.art/tarsa-or-splinterlands-art-contest
Author reward: 2895.026752 SPT for alexa.art/cornealus-and-ever-hungry-skull-or-splinterlands-art-contest
Author reward: 0.037790 SPT for alexa.art/rif3fn
Author reward: 0.033708 SPT for alexa.art/rie0ki
Author reward: 1.761864 SPT for alexa.art/ri7orf
Author reward: 0.000433 SPT for alexa.art/ri6f1c
Author reward: 0.298769 SPT for alexa.art/ri4xv1
Author reward: 2954.835880 SPT for alexa.art/river-nymph-or-splinterlands-art-contest
Author reward: 0.286563 SPT for alexa.art/rhrpfg
Author reward: 3620.891380 SPT for alexa.art/splinterlands-art-contest-or-regal-peryton
Author reward: 3151.095998 SPT for alexa.art/splinterlands-art-contest-or-haunted-spider