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Love this artwork of Djinn Chwala by @lionsaturbix.

Hi everyone!

Life has been super busy the last couple of months... and so Splinterlands has had to take a bit of a back seat... but I'm starting to get on top of it all so I've already played more games in the first few days of this season (214) than all of last season (204).

Can I just say... I love love love the airdropped Rebellion Venka card!

I was lucky enough to get two maxed copies, and this is a card I use so much.
For so long I've been groaning when I see Baakjira (the blue whale card) in the first position because I could never get through it while the Deeplurker (ugly fish with opportunity) would just tear through my ranks. Now seeing Venka hit Baakjira for 14 is just so immensely satisfying.

Oh, as I'm writing this, I just got 29 versions of the first Rebellion Airdropped Legendary Summoner... very keen to try this guy out:

I've played 3 games with Lorkus so far and lost all of them... I think it's going to be great for specific situations but maybe not amazing for general play... we'll see.

Match Report


RankChampion #1008Gold #634
Rating4000 - Champion II2380 - Gold II
Rating High40002400
Ratio (Win/Loss)1.31 (81/62)1.35 (35/26)
Longest Streak67

Considering I didn't play as many games as I would have liked, I tried really hard to hit my milestones... it's so hard but so worth it to get to Champs II in Wild... it just sets you so nicely for the next season.

I'm honestly trying to get into Champs for Modern, and I just haven't gotten anywhere close yet, but even getting to Diamond is really hard. I still don't really understand why Modern is so hard, I have good enough cards, and my Win/Loss Ratio in Modern is fine... it's just a very hard arena to gain any ground in, for me at least.

Getting to Gold II pushes you down to Silver - which shocked me initially, I had forgotten what it was like in Silver and I was so glad to get back to Gold. I really don't want to finish in the Gold leagues anymore.

Rewards Report

Earnt Tokens (Ranked Rewards)

Ranked Play WinsTokens Received
116✨ 9880 Glint + ⭐555.491 SPS

Glint season rewards will show in the season they are claimed.

Last season I had 250K of Glint to play with (163K for EoS and 88 during the season), but because I didn't play as much, I didn't earn near that at all...

Oh, I just realised that the glint amounts changed... they had to reconfigure things because people cashed out so much glint in one day. Instead of the EoS glint being x2 what you earnt during the season... you now earn that same amount again... so this season it was 98K plus 96K (I probably had 2K left over).
I'm trying a thing where I try to keep my energy at 0 as much as possible... and I really did not like getting so much extra energy last season. I basically had 160 energy to get through to get back to 0.

They also reconfigured the Loot Chest amounts and the Jackpot percentages. So last time I got 100 Ultimate Chests for 250K Glint, now I'd get:

Batch 1 - 10 for 25,000
Batch 2 - 10 for 37,500
Batch 3 - 10 for 56,250
Batch 4 - 10 for 84,375
Batch 5 - 10 for 126,562.5

For 250K you'd get 40 Ultimate chests for 203,125... and then 47K to spend on something else.

The thing is... I loved getting 24 Gladius packs from this Ultimate chests, but I really didn't like getting the potions or energy... so this time I'm going to go for the card draws.

I have 194K to spend...

One thing that's really been holding me back is the Gladiator Summoners:

I have two maxed summoners and the rest need a lot of work... so I'm going to spend all that glint on Rare Draws.

You can do them in Batches of 100.. so the first batch costs 50K glint:

  • 40 out of my 100 were summoners... not too shabby.

Second batch of 100 cost 70K glint (125K spent so far):

  • 44 summoners out of 100 this time.

I only have 69K remaining, so I can get 61 rare draws (at Batch 3 they cost 1,125 glint each)... I probably should spend it on Batch 1 of something else... but I want those summoners:

  • 26 of 61 rare draws were summoners.

Not quite hitting the 50% mark on any of these draws, but still good.

Okay, a little movement :

Got some upgrades in there... I think I'll need to do this a few more times to get these maxed out.

🟣 Rental Report

Expenses (inc. fees)(32.720)
Cancellation Refunds0.000

Rents still dropping, I might need to go in and adjust prices.

⭐ SPS Report

Type⭐ Amount
Staking Rewards5995.946
Ranked Rewards as above555.491
Brawl Rewards1319.586
Land Rewards1198.873
Tower Defense217.993
Liquidity Rewards249.688
License Stake Rewards2007.208
NET SPS11544.785

So glad to have this section back... so glad! 11K SPS in a season seems about right compared to Seasons 43 and 42... so that's exciting! I guess that's like ~ $145.02USD to play a game for 2 weeks? Pretty good.

Season 46 my Net SPS was 19670.974
Season 45 my Net SPS was ???
Season 44 my Net SPS was ???
Season 43 my Net SPS was 11209.623
Season 42 my Net SPS was 11368.979
Season 41 my Net SPS was 15734.601
Season 40 my Net SPS was 5738.528
Season 39 my Net SPS was 12692.220
Season 38 my Net SPS was 10405.610
Season 37 my Net SPS was 7841.389
Season 36 my Net SPS was 9657.743
Season 35 my Net SPS was 9336.764
Season 34 my Net SPS was 13413.875
Season 33 my Net SPS was 29556.874
Season 32 my Net SPS was ???
Season 31 my Net SPS was 10591.881
Season 30 my Net SPS was 12390.883
Season 29 my Net SPS was 12757.227
Season 28 my Net SPS was 13324.727
Season 27 my Net SPS was 14735.391
Season 26 my Net SPS was 18423.610
Season 25 my Net SPS was 15592.310
Season 24 my Net SPS was 9888.861
Season 23 my Net SPS was 11190.555
Season 22 my Net SPS was 11704.133
Season 21 my Net SPS was 14514.412
Season 20 my Net SPS was 16059.041
Season 19 my Net SPS was 17007.533
Season 18 my Net SPS was 32635.224
Season 17 my Net SPS was ???
Season 16 my Net SPS was 9157.288
Season 15 my Net SPS was 17757.516
Season 14 my Net SPS was 14016.525
Season 13 my Net SPS was 12265.515

Honestly, I'm still having a bunch of fun... between airdrop conflicts, the halving event and the various updates, the game seems constantly changing and fresh.

I'm enjoying trying to keep my energy at 0 each day and seeing if I can break out of Gold in Modern... hope the game is going well for you!

Thanks for reading!

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Aussie Ninja, great Splinterstats Season 121 report man. That's some detailed analysis and key battle breakdowns Thanks for sharing your journey and strategies with us... Will definitely come in handy


Let’s assume that you’re not very familiar with how to Lorkus card
Maybe you should keep trying though
You’re doing well!!!


I'm actually loving it already. It compliments the Venka card so well!


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I have also been watching you guys playing this game for a long time and the fact that the land gameplay has really increased people's interest once again and even within this season you a good hard work has been rewarded.