Rental breaking fee?


Hello friends,

This time I would like to share with you something that has happened as the season is going to end 💀
As I told you at the beginning of this season, I decided to jump to silver 3 and I planned a 14-day rental. I got gold foiled Daria and with a 50 Dec/day budget I jumped 15k power. All I needed with one card ( more information about the move here.

Today I found that all my power had disappeared. And I've had to rent Xia (another 15k power summoner) this time for almost 80 Dec/day.

I don't know how rental cancelation works. The part of the rental was returned to me but without any fee. Is my appreciation correct?

If it's true, I think that devs should work on this point. Rental is the cheapest way for new players to reach at least silver 3, to double the chests per reward, and improve the chance of getting cards. A good option would be to add a fee to break the contract.

Last few days, there have been some moves trying to force new players to jump to silver (adding credits in bronze chests, lowing dec rewards, and eliminating Dec per battle in bronze 3). In my opinion, these are good moves for the long-term game economy. But there should also appear measures to protect low-ranked accounts. And protecting the rental market should be a nice one. What do you think?


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