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We need to hold a vote to emancepate license and land holders from the daos imeadiate control and give them some checks and balances like veto power so the value cant be diminished. I guess that prob wont happen to much bc no one wants there investment to be lower so anyone with a large stake with veto it. I sure as hell would put every vote i have against it and now with prices low i quadrubled my sps and plan on doing that again to get up to 3-5 million which will give me significant influence and GLX influence as well as node as i plan on 20-30 of those from 13 now wile there cheap. Only have 28 land plots but may go for a tract prices are going down and i can sell some land and cards i dont need as well as will be buying as many nightmare packs if price hits 2 or less so i can extract sps for another 2 months as well as buy GLG packs with some of the cash flow as well.

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