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Prob going to call it the SPL Curation IC I LLC. Not sure how long it will take to get set up but probably a month or so not going to rush this time and going to set every thing up which TribeVest will do for me as well as create all the legal documents. The club will be at first restricted to holders of nodes and each node holder will be required to contribute one node to a separate account under there control not the clubs which is how all contributions will work as I dont want to be responsible for anything other than distributing money from the investments made with the income that will be transferred weekly to the club from at first nodes then other things such as land will be allowed such as plots, tracts and regions as well as guilds, botted accounts, curators with a card collection as well as sigificant assets in what ever they curate so that all of the articles we post get blasted with SPT from me, Sports, oneup, thggaming, HIVE, etc and all of these will goto the curation from the master account or be put on the bid and ask to capitalize on the spreads of 2-20X ive seen and have gotten with some patients and since i have more capital i can outlast most fighting with me for the spreads by just throwing assets until they give up and i can control the bid ask. Also any rental above 30% will be rented out in the main treasury which will be managed by using tools like splexx and peakmonsters. When the fund gets bigger we will use nifty to manage the decks we create with all the reward card accounts and gladious cards so that players can use them for a significant split which we can then package into a investment token for each guild. When staking sps comes on we can stake are own guilds to make them much more powerful as to get in the club in the begining there will be barriers as i can either have 35 members or file reg d subsection b to allow ppl to self certify they are accredited by answering a questionaire and that is all that needs to be done to cover my ass with the SEC and capital raising becomes unlimited i just cant advertise. Can also use reg cf or reg A+ but would need to have 1 million plus interest in this type of thing to do that otherwise it will start small and grow into that. If we can start with splinterlands, Genesis League Goals , Tower Defense, Splinterforge, Axie as many play it and Illuvium which i think will be a great game.

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