Idea: Not Trade-able Tokens Rewards for owners of splinterlands Assets.

This Idea is about giving players certain points per day similar like the airdrop but it will not give SPS or DEC or Vouchers as rewards.

This is mostly to solve: Splinterlands currently rewarding players for having Tower defense packs, lands, license with vouchers and sps, what it has done is greatly reduce their value. Voucher where around 1$ and 0.45$ when splinterlands star to give them for license owner, now voucher price is less than 0.1$ I'm pretty sure license holders are also sps stakers so most of them may be earning even less with vouchers now that they were getting, for example they get 2 times their vouchers but now they cost 25% of they use to getting a 50% less rewards in $.

And there will be more future assets that will have to be rewarded before they could be used like this ones, keep given DEC , SPS and Vouchers for things that can not be used yet will be a mistake. They should be replaced with something else , something that is not a tradeable token.

This also can help for some others assets to not lose their value, the most important: Collection Power it has been losing his value a lot is pretty cheap to buy it and almost free to rent it, so some cards may be losing their value a lot some maxed out cards could become less value than 1 bcx of others some legendary could become cheaper than some commons and golden cards will keep losing their value as well, more now that in the future Collection Power will be replaced, so in order to keep some of their value it should be rewarded for having it this will allow it to keep some of their value.

This are the 2 main problems the idea will solve, the rewards could be anything but here is an example for the idea:

Reward Points:

Similar to the airdrop, daily give rewards points based in the assets the players has certain amount of points assigned to each, by reaching for example 1000 points you get a chest reward similar to the ones in ranked SPS could be removed from this chests (to avoid problems) and replaced with something else, maybe some promo cards maybe others rewards cards that are not soulbond maybe this chests has higher chance to get packs. for the second daily chest you need 2500 points for third 4500 and so on a higher amount required to get extra chests, big players expected to get like 8 to 10 chests a day, normal players that has been collecting assets over months may get for 1 to 5 chests daily and new players that has very few assets will take some days to get 1 chest.

The assets could be similar like the Airdrop but now it includes Stacked SPS and Vouchers, the new ones: Tower Defense packs, Licenses maybe double value in DEC Pools to give the DEC pools some of the value they lost.

This idea can help but by far the things that will help more to splinterlands is fixing the new players experience(most of new real players will leave the game after get a 90% lose rate against bots) and get new players, this two should have the highest priority but unfortunately seams their are in a low priority right now, I have ideas of this 2 as well:

Solution for Nightmare Bronze:

Get plenty of new players without cost: