Francielis Rojas

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Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
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Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
+31.442 HIVE
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Author reward: 0.459899 SPT for cieliss/re-azircon-r1asbq
Curation reward: 3.180568 SPT for azircon/economy-of-voucher-the-efficient-market
Curation reward: 6.756542 SPT for captain-barabosa/re-cieliss-r0y4fj
Curation reward: 6.596669 SPT for jordangerder/r0xobm
Author reward: 0.127448 SPT for cieliss/re-captain-barabosa-r0xhkb
Curation reward: 6.623747 SPT for ashikstd/r0tu8q
Author reward: 0.021361 SPT for cieliss/re-bernardinetti-r0km26
Author reward: 0.168525 SPT for cieliss/re-rooo-r0kljg
Author reward: 4.510070 SPT for cieliss/re-mightyrocklee-r0kk3m
Author reward: 1.395956 SPT for cieliss/re-cieliss-qzyulq
Author reward: 1.453333 SPT for cieliss/re-atnazo-qzyugg
Curation reward: 8.495385 SPT for atnazo/qzynfh
Curation reward: 9.530972 SPT for oadissin/re-cieliss-2021924t154831850z
Curation reward: 4.455691 SPT for cieliss/analysis-of-the-new-rewards-edition-cards-with-the-chaos-legion-frame-part-1-legendary-cards
Curation reward: 4.403249 SPT for cieliss/splinterlands-weekly-challenge-or-the-powerful-wave-runner
Curation reward: 10.163074 SPT for captain-barabosa/re-cieliss-qztn0o
Author reward: 0.015733 SPT for cieliss/re-captain-barabosa-qztm9a
Author reward: 0.067141 SPT for cieliss/re-jordangerder-qztleb
Author reward: 0.036393 SPT for cieliss/re-yameen-qztk24
Author reward: 0.011744 SPT for cieliss/re-moeenali-qztju4
Author reward: 0.493751 SPT for cieliss/re-jade172-qzq1s8
Author reward: 0.621122 SPT for cieliss/re-beerbod-qzq1ot
Curation reward: 9.996051 SPT for jordangerder/qzghky
Curation reward: 9.793475 SPT for cryptoniusrex/re-steemmonsters-qzeso3
Curation reward: 4.333761 SPT for erarium/splinterlands-weekly-challenge-or-ant-miners--la-ayuda-de-los-oportunistas
Curation reward: 3.581680 SPT for alokkumar121/my-splinterlands-holding-and-journey-so-far-play2earn
Curation reward: 3.843682 SPT for splinterlands/announcing-21-new-reward-cards
Curation reward: 3.534644 SPT for ashikstd/splinterlands-battle-or-ant-miners
Curation reward: 3.947759 SPT for finnx/splinterlands-art-contest-week-153-pirate-queen
Author reward: 122.034018 SPT for cieliss/splinterlands-weekly-challenge-or-the-resistance-of-ant-miners
Curation reward: 4.504530 SPT for cieliss/splinterlands-weekly-challenge-or-the-resistance-of-ant-miners
Curation reward: 3.897185 SPT for laritheghost/kwhwxtfl
Curation reward: 3.379646 SPT for torran/how-to-puhase-the-summoner-s-spellbook
Curation reward: 3.598217 SPT for hollowknightgod/deep-dive-into-abilities-interactions-calculating-damage-and-mechanics
Curation reward: 3.978446 SPT for mvl2304/splinterlands-is-changing-my-life-yes-it-is
Curation reward: 3.445094 SPT for yonilkar/nfts-go-beyond-economics-los-nft-van-mas-alla-de-la-economia
Curation reward: 3.494300 SPT for vjekich/ultimate-water-splinter-beginner-guide-part-ii
Curation reward: 3.873643 SPT for m3ss/the-storm-before-the-storm-the-biggest-change-coming-to-the-splinterlands-no-one-is-talking-about
Curation reward: 3.733934 SPT for stever82/splinterlands-bot-talk
Curation reward: 4.419125 SPT for splinterlands/september-sees-10000--new-splinterlands-spellbook-owners-daily
Curation reward: 3.730856 SPT for splinterlandshq/splinterlands-hq-launches-live-stream-on-twitch
Curation reward: 4.222094 SPT for bulldog1205/sivjmmrw
Curation reward: 4.151467 SPT for ashikstd/splinterlands-battle-or-byzantine-kitty-summons-dragon-jumper-and-the-gorlodon
Curation reward: 3.592230 SPT for tedus/splinterlands-101-attack-sequence-order
Curation reward: 3.677449 SPT for toocurious/weekly-report-of-my-splinterlands-assets-week-3-does-the-growth-continue
Curation reward: 3.739312 SPT for kinab/splinterlands-art-contest-week-153-hero-of-beyond-sprinkling-death-to-the-monsters-not-salt-like-salt-bae
Curation reward: 6.348976 SPT for bitcoinflood/splintertalk-offers-nfts-collection
Curation reward: 3.754308 SPT for sharminmim/drawing-splinterlands-monster-earth-elemental
Curation reward: 4.204406 SPT for splinterlands/share-your-battle-weekly-challenge-ant-miners
Curation reward: 3.890858 SPT for splinterlands/splinterlands-art-contest-week-153-10-booster-pack-prize
Staked 4163.290565 SPT to cieliss
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Staked 28026.184431 SPT to cieliss
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