[ES-EN] Cards Previews: Croire, Nomos and Kraan

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In the Last Town Hall, there was a lot of talk about the new set of cards, their design and they showed some new cards, so I proceed to my little analysis, I clarify that the statistics by levels were not shown, so a lot will be assumptions for the leagues.

En el Ultimo Ayuntamiento se hablo bastante del nuevo set de tarjetas, su diseño y mostraron algunas nuevas cartas asi que procedo a mi pequeño analisis aclaro que no se mostro las estadisticas por niveles asi que mucho seran suposiciones para las ligas.



Croise a fairly aggressive card for its opportunity reinforcement for modern format and poison giving it a resemblance to Deeplurker of the water element and possibly becoming a central card in many Ground decks.

Croise una tarjeta bastante agresiva por su oportunidad refuerzo para formato moderno y veneno dandole un parecido a Deeplurker del elemento agua y que posiblemente se vuelva una tarjeta central en muchos mazos de Tierra.



Nomos a curious card with snipe and blast that follows the fire pattern of being aggressive but with the arrival of more cards that neutralize blast may not be very useful.

Nomos una tarjeta curiosa con snipe y blast que sigue el patron de fuego de ser agresivo pero que con la llegaba de mas cartas que neutralizan blast puede no ser muy util.



Kraan can be the new tank for the death element with its ability to avoid negative effects and recover life that make it difficult to eliminate and with its ability that can multiply its damage against solo enemies or enemies with more than 10 mana in high leagues.

Kraan puede ser el nuevo tanque para el elemento muerte con su capacidad de evitar efecctos negativo y recuperar vida lo hagan dificil de eleminar y con su habilidad que pueden multiplicar su daño contra enemigos solitarios o de mas de 10 de mana en ligas altas.

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seems all these 3 cards are quite imbalanced and strong :D hope their abilities will appear at the high levels.