Cheap Gems to Play in Silver League with the EARTH Splinter



In silver league, provided you have a maxed out summoner (Common 5, Rare 4, Epic 3 and Legendary 2), you can summon COMMON monsters up to LEVEL 5. Some common cards acquire a second or a first ability between LEVEL 2 and 5.
This serie of posts focuses on cheap common cards that acquire a second ability before or at LEVEL 5.

I focus only on cards that cost less than 1$ / BTX based on peakmonsters stats at the time of writing.
This is the third post of this serie focusing on 2 cards of the EARTH splinter (links to the other posts at the end of this post).


Harvester is actually one of the cheapest monster of the game. Few are aware that it acquires OPPRESS (Does double damage when attacking an enemy that has no attacks) at LEVEL 4. Harvester at level 4 is a "situational" monster that shall be used to get ride of non-attacking tanks such as Lord Arianthus or Onyx Sentinel. Imagine defeating these expensive tanks with a cheap harvester ! Also, only 2 GOLD are required to bring Harvester to LEVEL 4.

$0.14 Low Buy / per BCX



Goblin Dartling aquires SHATTER (Target's armor is destroyed when hit by an attack from Monsters with Shatter) at LEVEL 5. It means that for only 2 MANA, you can counter a lot of monsters with armors, or strategies based on armors. It is especially usefull against the LIFE splinters using the REPAIR ability, with for example Chanseus, Armorsmith and Lone Boatman.

$0.20 Low Buy / per BCX


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