Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
SPT can be converted to SPT POWER in a process called staking.
SPT Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
HIVE can be converted to HIVE POWER in a process called staking.
HIVE Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
-350.954 HIVE
HIVE Dollar
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.


Author reward: 1.112777 SPT for famoushade1/re-archmageapp-re9rem
Author reward: 2.062832 SPT for famoushade1/cruel-sethropod-share-your-battle-challenge-engde
Author reward: 0.009265 SPT for famoushade1/re-az1z4-2022523t2402346z
Author reward: 0.025477 SPT for famoushade1/re-louis88-2022522t164314673z
Author reward: 57.717680 SPT for famoushade1/scavo-firebolt-share-your-battle-challenge
Author reward: 0.000517 SPT for famoushade1/re-vikisecrets-2022516t185521586z
Author reward: 0.002457 SPT for famoushade1/re-melvin7-2022516t185242183z
Author reward: 2420.005453 SPT for famoushade1/supply-runner-share-your-battle-challenge
Author reward: 0.000379 SPT for famoushade1/re-captainloken-rbubfb
Author reward: 143.905767 SPT for famoushade1/legendary-dragongs-hatchlings
Author reward: 19.633730 SPT for famoushade1/dragon-share-your-battle-challenge-engde-rbizne
Author reward: 10.987322 SPT for famoushade1/crypt-beetle-share-your-battle-challenge-engde
Author reward: 0.000480 SPT for famoushade1/re-vikisecrets-2022429t14302689z
Author reward: 0.000490 SPT for famoushade1/re-vikisecrets-2022428t1592468z
Author reward: 15.954744 SPT for famoushade1/time-mage-share-your-battle-challenge-engde
Author reward: 0.001772 SPT for famoushade1/re-melvin7-2022419t20406788z
Author reward: 0.000100 SPT for famoushade1/re-fredfettmeister-2022416t91721404z
Author reward: 0.000485 SPT for famoushade1/re-vikisecrets-2022415t212233792z
Author reward: 5.471895 SPT for famoushade1/mycelic-morphoid-share-your-battle-challenge
Author reward: 0.001813 SPT for famoushade1/re-az1z4-2022410t18455355z
Author reward: 0.000163 SPT for famoushade1/re-shortshots-202249t92135198z
Author reward: 30.630141 SPT for famoushade1/kulu-swimhunter-share-your-battle-challenge
Author reward: 0.000282 SPT for famoushade1/re-borsengelaber-202248t104913172z
Author reward: 0.001879 SPT for famoushade1/re-az1z4-202247t73129677z
Author reward: 0.010090 SPT for famoushade1/re-louis88-202244t17253581z
Author reward: 0.000103 SPT for famoushade1/re-noctury-r9ri2w
Author reward: 5.957816 SPT for famoushade1/radiated-brute-share-your-battle-challenge-engde
Author reward: 0.025601 SPT for famoushade1/re-mario89-2022330t194559482z
Author reward: 0.000481 SPT for famoushade1/re-vikisecrets-r9kcl1
Author reward: 0.000106 SPT for famoushade1/re-noctury-r9b20n
Author reward: 664.753723 SPT for famoushade1/disintegrator-share-your-battle-challenge-engde
Author reward: 0.000005 SPT for famoushade1/re-fredfettmeister-r8zx4e
Author reward: 0.001516 SPT for famoushade1/re-melvin7-r8zlir
Author reward: 0.034406 SPT for famoushade1/re-octavian1-r8xzue
Author reward: 10.647625 SPT for famoushade1/dragon-share-your-battle-challenge-engde
Author reward: 0.162881 SPT for famoushade1/re-jeanpi1908-r8vho1
Author reward: 0.006487 SPT for famoushade1/re-louis88-r8staj
Author reward: 4.031799 SPT for famoushade1/splinterstats-season-69-report-card
Author reward: 0.000489 SPT for famoushade1/re-vikisecrets-r8qops
Author reward: 0.000047 SPT for famoushade1/re-kryptodenno-r8og8e
Author reward: 0.267169 SPT for famoushade1/re-fredfettmeister-r8mmsa
Author reward: 10.398656 SPT for famoushade1/carrion-shade-splinterlands-share-your-battle-challenge-eng
Author reward: 0.001744 SPT for famoushade1/re-uwelang-r8fzqe
Author reward: 0.363777 SPT for famoushade1/re-vasupi-r8e2je
Author reward: 0.002111 SPT for famoushade1/re-louis88-r83ux8
Author reward: 0.002005 SPT for famoushade1/re-simsahas-r834ns
Author reward: 4.988246 SPT for famoushade1/zusammenfassung-statt-report
Author reward: 3.410593 SPT for famoushade1/re-jamesbattler-r7gv4x
Author reward: 17.146971 SPT for famoushade1/splinterstats-season-67-report-card
Author reward: 0.002369 SPT for famoushade1/re-louis88-r6ubcr