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SPT can be converted to SPT POWER in a process called staking.
SPT Power
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Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
HIVE can be converted to HIVE POWER in a process called staking.
HIVE Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
+10.181 HIVE
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Curation reward: 0.210078 SPT for thegcc/my-splinterlands-blog-82-the-long-season
Curation reward: 0.041866 SPT for chubb149/nfd-zbc-roller-coin-splinterlands
Curation reward: 0.040487 SPT for cryptofiloz/splinterlands-quest-giveaway-win-free-card-round-971
Curation reward: 0.066848 SPT for jongolson/myhivegoals-it-s-crypto-buckle-up
Curation reward: 0.045106 SPT for relf87/guild-brawls-with-pizza-2-no-bloodlust-activated-and-opening-of-3rd-gladius-case
Curation reward: 0.044982 SPT for hive-112281/splinterlands-and-bbh-for-5th-may-2022-and-dhf
Curation reward: 0.058248 SPT for jongolson/exploring-content-and-curation-at-listnerds
Received 0.001 SPT from he-indexrewards Your HE-Index holdings returned 0.001 SPT Tokens!
Curation reward: 0.098219 SPT for chubb149/p2e-games-with-a-level
Curation reward: 0.042095 SPT for drunksamurai/splinterlands-diary-01-05-22
Curation reward: 0.041200 SPT for maddogmike/splinterlands-share-your-battle-challenge-featuring-crypt-beetle
Curation reward: 0.039383 SPT for achim03/fxviygvd
Curation reward: 0.067840 SPT for cryptofiloz/splinterlands-quest-giveaway-win-free-card-round-966
Curation reward: 0.045080 SPT for guurry123/my-journey-splinterlands-7f4eb708bf4c
Curation reward: 0.191105 SPT for cryptocopy/reasons-why-buy-splinterlands-cards
Curation reward: 0.475839 SPT for zottone444/use-the-pgm-command-and-send-dec-token-itaeng
Curation reward: 0.042935 SPT for gadrian/how-am-i-doing-with-my-hive-goals-week-16-2022
Curation reward: 0.040481 SPT for invest4free/2022-investment-goals-progress-report-ratwfp
Curation reward: 0.139532 SPT for jongolson/myhivegoals-a-rough-week
Curation reward: 0.040374 SPT for cryptofiloz/splinterlands-quest-giveaway-win-free-card-epic-cards-inside-round-964
Author reward: 0.034197 SPT for ijat/re-gadrian-rarjm5
Curation reward: 0.227231 SPT for gadrian/peakmonsters-tip-for-owners-use-rental-mismatch
Curation reward: 0.102439 SPT for rcaine/re-ijat-rapim8
Author reward: 0.006535 SPT for ijat/re-hariton-l29alwse
Curation reward: 0.107327 SPT for hariton/re-ijat-3865rr
Curation reward: 0.106959 SPT for amirtheawesome1/re-ijat-raonfv
Curation reward: 0.108919 SPT for rzc24-nftbbg/re-ijat-raombp
Author reward: 0.415922 SPT for ijat/re-darmst5339-l28fmfw7
Curation reward: 0.110871 SPT for pizzabot/re-spotting-bots-and-21-battle-win-streak-20220421t020319z
Curation reward: 0.113073 SPT for darmst5339/re-ijat-rao2yi
Curation reward: 0.241194 SPT for hariton/fpencbcu
Curation reward: 1.013705 SPT for hawks21/vyypywoh
Author reward: 70.934701 SPT for ijat/spotting-bots-and-21-battle-win-streak
Curation reward: 0.064481 SPT for drunksamurai/splinterlands-diary-20-04-22
Curation reward: 0.109395 SPT for nata86/re-ijat-2022419t17551982z
Curation reward: 0.106561 SPT for darmst5339/re-ijat-ral75t
Curation reward: 0.038330 SPT for cryptofiloz/splinterlands-quest-giveaway-win-free-card-round-962
Author reward: 0.409890 SPT for ijat/re-darmst5339-rakgj4
Curation reward: 0.065784 SPT for darmst5339/splinterlands-season-end-and-started-playing-in-tournaments
Curation reward: 0.053145 SPT for splinterlands/splinterlands-town-hall-summary-april-18th-2022-1pm-eastern
Curation reward: 0.053744 SPT for oadissin/challenge-contests-giveaways-raffles-200-421ae169f6dc6
Curation reward: 0.058290 SPT for hive-112281/splinterlands-and-bbh-for-17th-april-2022
Curation reward: 0.037177 SPT for gadrian/hbd-new-splinterlands-goals-added-progress-report-week-15-2022
Curation reward: 0.053010 SPT for marianaemilia/my-first-chaos-legion-dec-festival-tournament-for-new-players-join
Curation reward: 0.053200 SPT for nata86/splinterlands-share-your-battle-weekly-challenge-mycelic-morpho
Curation reward: 0.092178 SPT for jongolson/myhivegoals-adding-hbd
Staked 122.756538 SPT to ijat
Curation reward: 0.262809 SPT for niallon11/will-sps-moon-off-the-back-of-the-validators-announcement
Curation reward: 0.080526 SPT for splinternews/splinternews-nft-giveaway-winners-announced-chaos-legion-pack-giveaway
Curation reward: 0.134136 SPT for libertycrypto27/new-format-and-little-league-focus-on-first-position-eng-ita
Curation reward: 0.050810 SPT for splinterlands/splinterlands-town-hall-summary-april-13th-2022-10am-eastern
Curation reward: 0.107939 SPT for jfang003/re-ijat-61qinz
Staked 132.246462 SPT to ijat
Staked 0.094256 SPT to ijat
Staked 10.323888 SPT to ijat
Staked 14.4 SPT to ijat
Staked 55.013027 SPT to ijat
Staked 47.313183 SPT to ijat
Received 0.001 SPT from he-indexrewards Your HE-Index holdings returned 0.001 SPT Tokens!
Staked 0.735753 SPT to ijat
Staked 0.191853 SPT to ijat
Staked 0.465708 SPT to ijat
Staked 0.359103 SPT to ijat
Staked 4.856226 SPT to ijat
Staked 1.971144 SPT to ijat
Staked 43.573475 SPT to ijat
Staked 9.833507 SPT to ijat
Staked 2.411142 SPT to ijat
Staked 0.10849 SPT to ijat
Staked 0.173768 SPT to ijat
Staked 46.924853 SPT to ijat
Staked 0.494007 SPT to ijat
Staked 53.084396 SPT to ijat
Staked 50.97802 SPT to ijat
Staked 0.27722 SPT to ijat
Staked 1.007266 SPT to ijat
Staked 1.295312 SPT to ijat
Staked 45.660742 SPT to ijat
Staked 2.111102 SPT to ijat
Staked 0.637802 SPT to ijat
Staked 8.409609 SPT to ijat
Staked 6.444645 SPT to ijat
Staked 0.169247 SPT to ijat
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Staked 0.181215 SPT to ijat
Staked 53.082545 SPT to ijat
Staked 57.213996 SPT to ijat
Staked 114.47896 SPT to ijat
Staked 1.241072 SPT to ijat
Staked 64.388063 SPT to ijat
Staked 0.579131 SPT to ijat
Staked 11.064514 SPT to ijat
Staked 1.493195 SPT to ijat
Staked 0.582369 SPT to ijat
Staked 12.460926 SPT to ijat
Staked 3.069251 SPT to ijat
Staked 3.425374 SPT to ijat
Staked 0.181003 SPT to ijat
Staked 5.851198 SPT to ijat
Staked 0.118253 SPT to ijat