Splinterlands PIZZA 1 Brawl Report #6 - 01/20/2022


Pizza 1 is rank #1 once again. With me fighting on novice A/B fray. I have a total match of 5 with one opponent who fled a match. So for preparation, just like the usual rented all the Common upto epic A/B with a few legendary with the addition of Valnamor for the summoner. I go big for rent this time since I also use this cards to climb rank from 500 Rating to 2157 rating.

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1st Match

Rule: Taking sides (no neutral)
Mana: 17
Splinters: Fire, Water, Earth, Death
Battle: Watch battle

Screen Shot 2022-01-20 at 8.28.01 PM.png
First match for the day was against a tough opponent from Old Legendary Dragons which almost defeated our Pizza 1 guild

CerberusA good 4 mana tank with heal. Best for low mana matches
Goblin ShamanFor the weaken ability and greater chance for my gladiator to kill enemy backline
Kobold Miner2 Mana sneak to help in damaging enemy backline
Orella Abadon2 mana Gladiator with Sneak!, placed at 4th position to have enough bloodlust to make him a good tank with Fire Demon behind him
Fire DemonThis was the only decent one left for the remaining 4 Mana good damager behind Abadon when have enough BL
  • First impression - Match was like Silence Summoner. I could win this match because of of the sneak combo + gladiator on my side.
  • Round 1 - The match went into my favor this time. Both our summoners countered each other but with the help of Weaken Ability, my Gladiator Orella Abadon one shot his Undead priest gaining 1 Blood lust charge. The rest survived but heavily damage
  • Round 2 - With the additional speed from bloodust, Orella Abadon killed his Twisted Jester and gained a bloodlust again which makes his stats 4 melee, 5 speed, 4 HP. With the speed advantage, Fire Demon and Cerberus managed to kill his Haunted Spirit before his heal was triggered. Followed by the attack of Kobold miner which killed his last monster.
  • Result - WIN with no death

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2nd Match

Rule: Taking sides (no neutral), Reverse Speed
Mana: 17
Splinters: Earth, Life, Dragon
Battle: Watch Battle

Screen Shot 2022-01-20 at 8.43.42 PM.png

Selena SkyTo have access to dragon splinter and +1 Range only helped 1 monster though
Stone Golem1 Speed tank for reverse speed with Shield ability
Gold DragonHigh HP magic monster which can act as sub-tank if my Stone Golem dies
Swamp Thing2 mana with Weaken ability (first time use)
Golin SorcererSneak monster to help my gladiator in killing the backline
Katrelba GobsonSneak monster which can attack twice + his bloodlust ability and 2 Speed which should be effective in low mana matches
Earth ElementalLow mana and 1 speed + Selena Sky which will make him good for reverse speed
  • First Impression - I'm fucked up, my gladiator was countered I might loose the match
  • Round 1 - At the first round, My gladiator died on his first attack LOL, my opponent was really lucky with retaliate being triggered at first attack. He was also the only one died in this round. The rest were just reduced in HP
  • Round 2 - I was able to kill his tank with my monsters still having a good amount of life. Magi of forest being his main damager.
  • Round 3 - My tank died and most of the monsters on both side has a few HP left
  • Round 4 - With Earth elemental having 1 speed, he was able to kill Magi of forest first. Followed by the attack of Gold Dragon and my Goblin sorcerer he was left with Spirit of the forest.
  • Following round - Since Spirit of forest can't attack anymore so she became a punching bag
  • Result - WIN - an unexpected win from my side since my Gladiator was the first one to die LOL.

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3rd Match

Rule: Back to Basics (no abilities), Even Stevens (even monsters)
Mana: 38
Splinters: Water, Dragon
Battle: Watch Battle

Screen Shot 2022-01-20 at 9.01.10 PM.png

Valnamor+1 Speed and +1 HP was the main factor, but with Even mana only one monster benefitted from the match, choosing dragon was no good either since there are no Dragon monster I could use
Alva the crusherTank with a decent HP and Armor though her bloodlust was does not have an effect this time
Spineback TurtleAnother tank - not much choices with even ruleset
Raging ImpalerMelee damager/Tank - should be able to survive longer once enemies was killed
MedusaMagic damager which should still be able to attack on the front
CyclopsNot much choices again but with +1 Speed from Valnamor he should hit the enemy fine
CentaurWith 4 mana left, he should be a decent damage dealer together with cyclops
  • First impression - Almost same lineup with my opponent but I can win the match since I have more range monster
  • I won't go round per round this time but the match progress smoothly on my side because of Valnamor and having more damage delear.
  • I was able to kill his two tanks before my first tank died
  • Medusa and +1 Speed was the huge factor for this win as I was able to deal decent damage with Accuracy
  • Result - WIN

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3rd Match

Rule: Holy Protection (Divine Shield), Heavy Hitters (Knockout)
Mana: 20
Splinters: Water, Life, Death, Dragon
Battle: Watch Battle

Screen Shot 2022-01-20 at 9.13.10 PM.png

Because of Holy Protection, I decided to go with Low mana monsters. For me more monsters will have advantage on this ruleset since even a HP monster can only be killed by attacking him twice. I decided to go with Snipe build this time, multiple attacks at same location is advisable in Holy Protection

Haunted SpiritLow mana decent tank with Heal
Undead SpiritWeaken - will increase chance of killing enemy backline faster plus he's only 2 mana
CentaurAdditional snipe
Twisted JokerSnipe again, being rare and same speed, I expect him to attack first thus removing the Divine shied of the target before my Gladiator
Whistling DamonGladiator with Snipe and will be my main damage dealer
  • First impression - with more monsters on my side, I should have advantage on this match. His main damage dealer will attack first which will be nullified by Divine Shield. I could easily kill his Backline.
  • First round - The match progress as I planned. His Lightning Dragon attacked first which was nullified by Divine Shield. Twisted joker attacked followed by centaur then his healer was killed by Whistling Damon thus gaining a bloodlust. Both tanks survived
  • 2nd Round - Lighting Dragon attacked first dealing a 4 Dmg to my tank. Whistling Damon attacked but nullified by Divine Shield but with the follow up Snipe from Centaur and Twisted Joker I was able to kill his Lightning Dragon. My Tank died at this round before he was able to heal himself
  • 3rd Round - With only his tank left + having Divine shield on my side. Hydra died with dealing any damage.
  • Result - WIN - everything went according to plan

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End Result

I went undefeated once again with against tough opponents - 5-0 with 1 enemy fled. Because of the good play from everyone in the guild, Pizza 1 The Stuffed crust is #1 once again with a tough fight against Old Legendary Dragons. We gained 1,562 Merits for this brawl which is 170 merits short for me to purchase a Gladius Pack so no opening of packs this time.

Screen Shot 2022-01-20 at 9.23.53 AM.png

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Brawl reports from fellow Pizza members

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Thank you for the mention and always great to hear about the sister !PIZZA guilds!


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