Weekly Challenge, Share your battle Crypt Beetle

Hello folks how's it going? Hope you all are just fine. Accomplishing the weekly challenge and this time with one of my all time favorite splinters. Death Splinter is one of the best in my opinion
This battle was a 19 Mana cost battle, with no rule cuz I'm still in bronze III, I'm playing only with ghost card due to I had to rent all my cards to farm some decs that way. But the point is that with no need of any other card I manage to fullfill the challenge.
This time Deathscreenshotsplinterlands.com2022.04.2823_34_16.png VS Deathscreenshotsplinterlands.com2022.04.2823_34_48.png
I'm gonna be honest, I played 3 battles to accomplish the challenge of course the previous two I loose but I kept going till I finally made it.
I Hope you enjoy the BattleRUMBLE
So 'till the next post guys, Just remeber not to get stress but quite the oposite play some Splinterland man and just in case your new to this magic world worry not you can be one of us just Click the Link if not is ok, Be cool and nice
See you later alligator

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