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SPT can be converted to SPT POWER in a process called staking.
SPT Power
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Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
HIVE can be converted to HIVE POWER in a process called staking.
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Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
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Author reward: 92.286902 SPT for jazzy07/ubp7iqyn7gmxakax6a11v2
Curation reward: 0.007036 SPT for beffeater/battle-conditions-analysis-chapter-one
Author reward: 95.566121 SPT for jazzy07/rsfxg4f4xtd8szs7jgd2ti
Author reward: 85.041904 SPT for jazzy07/o7u0f8gfghs32dp36vtmql
Author reward: 109.159762 SPT for jazzy07/6wkhhjbrvzt20pvyjtjkgn
Author reward: 117.857161 SPT for jazzy07/uz2awtl4jpmy8sdngm2nzw
Author reward: 115.169853 SPT for jazzy07/dd0qk1m47pmg2fqeswhhw1
Author reward: 109.459547 SPT for jazzy07/wsbjr7zr2avabzo377vfo4
Author reward: 110.406179 SPT for jazzy07/1rmx8qc4513enshkwuu7la
Author reward: 99.073694 SPT for jazzy07/bbmpk2c594h92tmy56bgk9
Author reward: 113.253713 SPT for jazzy07/rfjw30gulzbrh5kb2bksv4
Author reward: 113.051256 SPT for jazzy07/y5z79ehtn62sxczaolkp6k
Author reward: 103.850306 SPT for jazzy07/lygha4l5jtdnbszz4h8xe2
Author reward: 103.513107 SPT for jazzy07/e7nwku5089rn1tfhj7957w
Author reward: 117.451644 SPT for jazzy07/ow9v4cblk4cy0035g17itm
Author reward: 111.843642 SPT for jazzy07/jl30s9keoro8b5mxohbxq1
Author reward: 115.242987 SPT for jazzy07/o0xxwfrlt4fj1ad0s4ttc5
Author reward: 85.527876 SPT for jazzy07/qn50i58acn2oq94x8rrobc
Author reward: 119.382113 SPT for jazzy07/t3tf9duehenosrhj85w90b
Author reward: 133.693380 SPT for jazzy07/ir1cxgdt2h54cpkoqx3g3z
Author reward: 118.344955 SPT for jazzy07/uu665xlczz7ujzw8mxtv3z
Author reward: 115.204450 SPT for jazzy07/vdtx57io7fh9ayzmiuq8ub
Author reward: 119.017631 SPT for jazzy07/1g2pjapu1s25r45relikg6
Author reward: 114.483457 SPT for jazzy07/1mtkt9mg519u7dwd2bdkkp
Author reward: 113.617156 SPT for jazzy07/tf9mumy6r76y3etcrdg43z
Author reward: 117.789921 SPT for jazzy07/8r2pld841srit2av1pk1y2
Author reward: 119.027488 SPT for jazzy07/og1k9zgeolqyw8f4olzfda
Author reward: 117.472352 SPT for jazzy07/rp15u6d4dxud43j8l03uoh
Author reward: 113.990781 SPT for jazzy07/avzzvmp8h4a9vo4hpoxndg
Author reward: 110.342958 SPT for jazzy07/5vucx7g04i8lie1ugct2hx
Author reward: 118.324062 SPT for jazzy07/gihmx84nbvni6gvc7stpaj
Author reward: 127.947436 SPT for jazzy07/gclebvany2hvlvmp2zc81i
Author reward: 108.317456 SPT for jazzy07/m7vowtx0mubflm8e8rjex9
Author reward: 141.982910 SPT for jazzy07/ebenaxn4c704z5flramvs4
Author reward: 125.796212 SPT for jazzy07/b0xph7he1gcstxglbfp6bd
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Author reward: 132.950588 SPT for jazzy07/78qge5entpak7ho39kyiyq
Author reward: 137.327427 SPT for jazzy07/3qiknhtte8lmq2186c4qu6
Author reward: 183.618706 SPT for jazzy07/793dyglhijl9p014la50fz
Author reward: 126.489823 SPT for jazzy07/g7j0r3fjwloep70kqvrk6z
Author reward: 126.576032 SPT for jazzy07/122dzzm8ov5njuamqhygq9
Author reward: 138.370745 SPT for jazzy07/hakqby0b8nvv2l6lq79edw
Author reward: 204.120601 SPT for jazzy07/oqpxvl6tlupw3iibniiopz
Author reward: 132.774906 SPT for jazzy07/h9kdblqulwi5l1urktd2aj
Author reward: 119.846843 SPT for jazzy07/7fmu3fhszl3mjnuzbjy261
Author reward: 120.381998 SPT for jazzy07/xzutxbydlv80joudy2ub63
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