How to WIN IN SILVER 3 - Win rate and play rate statistics #3: Silver 3


This is the third post in a series concerning the overall win rate of different summoners in Splinterlands. The first two were concerned with the win rates in novice – bronze 1 and can be found here:
Win rate and play rate statistics #1: Novice and Bronze 3
Win rate and play rate statistics #2: Bronze 1 and 2

This time, we look at the win rate for ratings between 1000 and 1300. For players matching the rating and collection power criteria Splinterlands uses for its leagues, this is the range of Silver 3.

In Silver 3, people either own or have rented a few powerful cards, and we should expect to see a shift in the Summoner win and play ratings as a result of this.

Winning summoners:


Key takeaways:

  • Bortus is king, long live Bortus. (57% win rate(!) even with a high play rate). As we are aware by now, Bortus counters Alric, and Alric has a huge playrate. In this rating range, Bortus is likely to play Torhilo the Frozen or Djinn Oshannus, who nullifies all the minor magic damage monsters.
  • Scarred Llama Mage is played a bit, and sits sky high at 69% win-rate.
  • Brigthon Bloom is a summoner to watch out for in Earthquake matches. He has such an advantage in these matches that his overall win rate falls out very favorably for him.
  • Mylor Crowling is played a lot!. Scout your opponent and avoid melee monsters if you see Mylor in their recent matches.

Losing summoners:
Knowing now that Bortus and Mylor thrive in Silver 3, which summoners are they feeding their rating-hungry bellies with? The data looks like this:


Key takeaways:

  • Alric, who has terrorized the lower leagues (see the previous posts in this series), has now met a wall. He is still effective in many matchups, but spamming him just calls forth the Bortus.
  • Unsurprisingly, all free-to-play summoners see some play. Of these, Drake of Arnak sits on top of the loser list. Some of this might from the huge flexibility dragons offer. He matches well against Mylor and Bortus, which is important at this rating.
  • Pyre gets crushed here. Dont play Pyre without a good card collection at this point.

Which cards do you need to win in Silver 3?
The data tells us that that you cant go wrong with the Bortus and Mylor Crowling decks. So lets take a look at them. Here is what Bortus plays in matches he wins:


We can see that the strategy is pretty clear. Bortus uses a tank with the void ability, and Crustacean King (with Tank Heal) to keep it alive. Axemaster provides huge damage, and Water Elemental just an excellent card that can be used in most matchups. Venari Wavesmith provides protection against non-magic opponents.

Here is what Mylor Crowling plays in matches he wins:

It turns out that Mylor also goes for the Void + Tank Heal combo. It is almost exclusively obtained with Unicorn Mustang and Wood Nymph. He mixes in Earth Elemental and Flesh Golem in some matches, and uses some cheap damage cards. Mushroom Seer also makes an appearance quite often. Failed Summoner can be safely played with Mylor since it always gets some value with thorns.

You want these cards:
The data show that that the following cards form a core set for winning in Silver 3 (Im skipping Ooze and Chicken and some f2p cards from the list, but you always need those):

Rule set strategies
The data shown here include all rules. We are also creating guides for specific rules. You can find them here:
Strategycorner with Mammuter #3: Noxious Fumes
Strategycorner with Mammuter #2: Earthquake
Strategycorner with Mammuter #1: Super Sneak

Closing remarks
Some summoners were excluded from the above statistics. Those are the ones with less than 0.1% play rate. Information about these summoners is not useful for the common player, as they will not show up in your matches, unless you pick them yourself.

If you would like to see more of this content, please let me know, like and share the post. Also, if you have not yet started playing Splinterlands, you can join and support me and the same time with the following link

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Best of luck in Splinterlands!



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Wonderful post. This is the quality stuff that should be all throughout Hive.

You are one of the few I have seen breakout actual win rates and share it. You have the technical know how it seems. If you were to host the datafile your python script is creating to run the calcs and put it on a website I think you would do quite well pulling in donations. Personally I'd love to see a copy of the script though I know you have worked hard on it and likely don't want to share.

Your post has been manually curated by the Oneup curation team. Great work!



Thank you so much for the upvote! I'm glad you find this useful. We will continue working through the leagues over the coming weeks.

With regards to sharing the sharing the data, I'll think about how that can be done, and which data it will be purposeful to share.