Battle Mage Secrets, Weekly Challenge, Keep Your Distance!

Battle Mage Secrets, Weekly Challenge, Keep Your Distance


This one is all about keeping the distance, like we had to do during a pandemic that went around the world… I know, bad memories! However, this is good for warfare, when it goes to melee things get really bloody! Onto the rule!

This drastically changes the fight, no melee, mostly no sneaking, it really changes the fight, you want to look out for close range or magic tanks type of thing.

The battle that we are examining for this one is a lower-level mana cap at 22 plus:

Keep Your Distance: Monsters with Melee attack may not be used in battles

This is a pretty straight forward on this one, just the holy protection, it still changes the fight, but it is something to look into and watch how it plays out.
Here is the quick link to the battle, from the Silver Modern league: (Link) however, I will break it down, then you might want to watch again.
The opening shot:


First up, the Summoner:

Well, knowing that I will be going with ranged attacks, might as well provide a bump to that ranged damage!

The front line was the Iziar

I haven’t used this card too much, but the 12 health up front, always a great thing, then having taunt means that it will take the focus of most of the hits against them, then two magic, is great, but knowing that they will be ranged, using Void, to reduce magic damage, a must have!

A card I have liked for awhile, comes in very strong at 3 speed and 3 magic damage, but then give in the Strengthen ability, it means that the tank will be around for awhile with a little extra health, and Renova makes a decent off tank.

Next up:

This card really becomes good at level 5, providing swiftness, meaning my people are going faster and have a better chance to dodge

I have loved this reward card for awhile, at level 4 with the boost from Sloan, 3 damage, but the part is the Tank Heal ability, meaning my guy will be in the fight longer, important!

The next part of the strategy is up with the Time Mage:

The speed is really nice on this one and the magic damage, but one of the keys for me on this one, the slow, speeding myself up, slowing them down, a great connection!


Awesome ranged card on this one, 3 damage with sloan, but now, use the double strike ability, 6 damage a round is hard to get through!

My initial thoughts on this one is to Iziar soak up magic damage and hopefully stick around awhile, hopefully dodging attacks with the speed differences, adding on mine and taking away from them, then use my ranged attacks to knock out 12 damage a round, hopefully it will work well pumping out that kind of damage.

The enemy went earth on this one, but instead of Obsidian they put in the legendary guy that takes away my health, giving them void armor, which will hurt my magic damage, and then shatter, I didn’t depend upon shields so that doesn’t matter to me, but the -1 health, that hurts.

However, they could not overcome my damage, I just was doing too much damage on this one, first round I took out 2 people, then they started falling quickly after that as well, even with them having double heals. A solid win for me!

Things to keep in mind with the Keep Your Distance ruleset:
• Kind of says it on this one, use abilities that minimize some damage
• Phase and dodge are great abilities on this one, skips being hit
• Look for abilities/monsters that do more than one attack, means they will damage faster
• Heal is great to keep those tanks alive as well

I hope my Battle Mage Secret helps you in your future fights in Splinterlands! This was a really good battle for me, and when you are watching a battle, you always need some Pizza! If you are looking for a great area of Positivity along with a great community, com join the Pizza Family!
You can find them here: Awesome Pizza Discord
I do want to say thank you for reading all of this and have a wonderful weekend!
Dr. Kqaos

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Photos come from PowerPoints stock image, Bitmoji with Splinterlands logo on top of it, or my own screen shots of Splinterlands, along with the image that they provided for the Weekly Challenge.

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