Share Your Battle, Weekly Challenge, Fire up the Scavo Firebolt



This is my third post for the share your battle, and who doesn’t like a wood fired pizza! If you follow me you will see my Brawl fights with a lot of Pizza talk, so when fire came up, I have to come up with something!

Starting off, fire with Chaos Legion has moved to a very melee heavy builds, mostly due to Tarsa giving that boost to melee and health, the health is huge, but sometimes you need that ranged damage as well.

Enter the Scavo Firebolt:

The Firebolt is good at 3 speed and 4 mana cost, so it can fit in, but the better thing is the 2 ranged damage, that is a very good thing to have with the low mana cost.

The battle that we are examining for this one is a low mana cap at 20 mana, plus:

Stampede: The Trample ability can trigger multiple times per attack if the trampled Monster is killed.
Rise of the Commons: Only Common and Rare Monsters may be used in battles

This is a good stack for the Scavo Firebolt, common and rares do make it a little difficult but at the same time, it packs a punch for that low mana, Stampede does not come into effect too much at the low Silver level.
Here is the quick link to the battle: (Link) however, I will break it down, then you might want to watch again.

First up, the Summoner:

Since this is a fire splinter type of fight, we kind of need the fire summoner, which provides a boost to melee damage, but then also a boost to health, which is always nice.

The front line was the Living Lava:

The Living Lava is a great tank, especially at lower levels due to the shield ability, many lower level cards just do not have a high amount of damage. Then with the 3 turning to 4 attack, it packs a punch, the downside is the low level speed.

I followed up the Living Lava with the Scavo Firebolt, the second spot will allow it to do a good amount of damage, but at the same time the 2 packs a punch to knock down armor and health.

Next up comes an awesome card from the Chaos Legion set when paired with Tarsa for the strong sneak attack:

This is a good card with the pairing due to the 7 heath and the 3-melee damage, plus the three speed really does help to hit them in the back!

Did my strategy work, yes it did on this one! The enemy went light splinter on this one, but not General Sloan that adds ranged damage, they went with extra health, which actually saved me on this one. Even though the combo of Scavo Hireling and the Crystalsmith is hard to overcome, due to the 2 damage of the Firebolt, I was able to take down the taunt before they were able to take down my Scavo, the extra health helped for that as well.

The Scavo is a good addition to many lineups due to the 2 ranged damage, even in a melee build, just remember to level it up!

Overall, this was a really good battle for me, and when you are watching a battle, you always need some Pizza! If you are looking for a great area of Positivity along with a great community, com join the Pizza Family!
You can find them here: Awesome Pizza Discord
I do want to say thank you for reading all of this and have a wonderful week!
Dr. Kqaos

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Photos come from PowerPoints stock image, Bitmoji with Splinterlands logo on top of it, or my own screen shots of Splinterlands, along with the image that they provided for the Weekly Challenge.

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