BATTLE MAGE SECRETS Weekly Challenge! The AIMLESS Rule Set


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Hello there Fellow Splinterfam, thank you for taking the time to review my entry for the “Battlemage Secrets” Weekly Challenge. The topic of discussion will be a breakdown of a specific battle, with AIMLESS (all Monsters have the Scattershot Ability) in the Ruleset. Playing currently in Diamond 1, we are used to having 3 rulesets which can get extremely competitive in Higher Leagues, as you know your opponents are packing some decent cards and early on in the season, most of the Champion Players are pushing forward. It is important that you have your Coffee on Standby, your head in the right place, and your Beast Mode Activated.


This match up was one for the ages, Old School Versus New School, my Opponent used Yodin Zaku, an extremely Overpowered Fire Summoner from the Untamed Edition (Plus 1 ranged damage, additional 1 health and Blast) whilst I decided to represent the New School with Lily Shieldpaw (Plus one Health, Camouflage and Triage) who will prevail?

If I had done a full rent of cards, I may have used Byzantine Kitty as she fits this particular ruleset well (Adding Tank Heal, True Strike: Units cannot miss, and plus 2 Agility), but this season, I have decided to limit my rentals so that I can learn how best to use the new Legendary Summoners.

My Opponents Line up

  1. (Tank) Living Lava – The benefits of this particular monster are that any Melee or Ranged Damage is reduced due to SHIELD, Melee units hitting Living Lava would sustain 2 Damage from THORNS and my units would loose 2 Shield due to RUST.
  2. Ash Mirage (Level 4) – Ranged Unit with HEADWIND which reduced ranged attack by 1. I will mention that this card was not at Max level, so lost out on Reflection Shield and Agility.
  3. Scavo Chemist (Level 7) – No Damage but offers CLEANSE which nullifies effects on the Tank Unit as well as SLOW which reduces speed by 1.
  4. Supply Runner – A fantastic Common Card boasting SWIFTNESS which adds plus 1 Agility (A must use card with Yodin) and an additional Health for his units through STRENGTHEN.
  5. Spark Pixies – One of my favorite cards from Untamed, this card has high agility, does a severe amount of damage, has STUN (If it hits a unit and takes effect will nullify the attack of that unit for 1 round), and DODGE, making it harder for the opposing monsters to hit. Usually low health however due to equalizer, a force to be reckoned with, I was definitely worried about this particular monster.
  6. Serpentine Spy (Level 7) – Opportunity monster with High Damage and High Agility, unfortunately due to the level did not have poison.

Mangomayhem’s Line of Defense

  1. (Tank) Almo Cambio – High Health, relatively speedy, but the main thing, reflects both Magic and Ranged Damage.
  2. Oshuur Constantia – Great second position unit as it has TANK HEAL and REFLECTION SHIELD as well as RESSURECT. With Aimless in the ruleset, it could have been hit directly as scattershot hits randomized units, however due to Equalizer, health would be high and the attributes it offers great sustainability for high damage.
  3. Kelp Initiate – As Almo Cambio has IMMUNE, it cannot be affected by negative status effects so perhaps I could have put another unit in for example, Scale Doctor or Angelic Mandarin however I went with this monster for the TRIAGE (Heals Backline) and High Agility.
  4. Dragon Jumper – Opportunity Monster with High Damage and STUN and relatively speedy
  5. Deep Lurker – Opportunity Monster with High Damage, minus 1 Melee from DEMORALIZE and POISON ability.
  6. Naga Assassin – A powerful reward card that adds SWIFTNESS (Additional Agility for my units) but more importantly BACKFIRE which if an enemy misses an attack, they receive damage pack. It was placed on the backline to cause problems for any sneak monsters that they may have had.


The Aimless Ruleset is most beneficial using High Agility Monsters with Blast. I however went a different route due to the Equalizer ruleset (All Monsters have the same health equivalent to the Monster with the highest health used by either Battle Mage). I decided to focus on High Damage Monsters with Opportunity as I Knew that I would be using Almo Cambio as a Tank Monster giving almost 16 points of health per monster. Lily would Triage, providing heal for my backline units. I added an additional Triage, additional Agility through Swiftness, A Tank Heal with Reflection Shield and 2 units with Opportunity, one with Stun and the other with Poison.

My opponent went with a typical Yodin Line up maximizing on Ranged Damage and Agility, using rust to eradicate 2 points of Shield and Blast for damage spread. It was a pretty balanced game, however I believe that Equalizer and Triage Units were the deciding factor, also the fact that not all of my opponents cards were maxed out so he lost a lot of abilities that may have been crucial.


It was an interesting game, and according to Splintertools it was extremely balanced. I managed to take the win for the New School, however on reflection of this battle I would make changes. If you would like to review the battle the link is below

Splinterlands is always evolving and becoming extremely competitive especially in Higher Leagues. I believe it is important that you try out different cards as they all have purpose. Aimless (Scattershot ability) is unpredictable and should be countered with High Agility or Blast however as seen in this battle it is dependent on the other rulesets also. I am looking forward to this season as although it is frustrating not to rent my usual cards, it will help me to hone my skills with other cards as "It's good to be different".


I hope you have enjoyed my review and in game breakdown, I hope it serves you well. But until next time, Ciao for now, Mangomayhem signing out. I looking forward to seeing you on the battlefield!

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Awesome battle @mangomayhem! You made it easy! You did not even lose a single monster.


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