Matt Clarke

Splinterlands, Path of Exile Hardcore Races, Meetups.
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
SPT can be converted to SPT POWER in a process called staking.
SPT Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
-40000 SPT
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
HIVE can be converted to HIVE POWER in a process called staking.
HIVE Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
-32312.998 HIVE
HIVE Dollar
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.


Curation reward: 3.144769 SPT for walkingkeys/runi-price-prediction
Curation reward: 7.003693 SPT for bobaphet/re-jagged-rird0f
Curation reward: 5.303337 SPT for bobaphet/re-jagged-rircz2
Curation reward: 5.144644 SPT for bobaphet/re-steemmonsters-ripb1x
Curation reward: 6.022127 SPT for ctrpch/re-tarazkp-2022924t153240460z
Curation reward: 6.786499 SPT for ctrpch/re-xawi-2022924t15293208z
Curation reward: 3.581420 SPT for tarazkp/an-avatar-to-own
Curation reward: 4.425603 SPT for bobaphet/re-mxm0unite-rion17
Curation reward: 4.444306 SPT for bobaphet/re-misterrogers-riomz2
Curation reward: 3.868417 SPT for splinterlands/conqueror-jacek-lore
Curation reward: 6.133890 SPT for holoz0r/splinterlands-daily-quest-stream-replay-september-22-2022
Curation reward: 4.046960 SPT for bobaphet/re-giotrix-rinnjx
Curation reward: 22.000756 SPT for bobaphet/kngiwjhj
Curation reward: 6.119512 SPT for michealb/re-spsdao-rin1je
Curation reward: 0.929213 SPT for sps.dao/sps-governance-proposal-begin-sps-reward-payouts-for-land-holders
Curation reward: 0.910928 SPT for goldmatters/dressing-up-for-runi-whitelist-event
Curation reward: 3.591175 SPT for tarazkp/re-splinterlands-rikunl
Curation reward: 6.672646 SPT for splinterlands/runi-whitelist-announcement
Curation reward: 2.392851 SPT for vimukthi/another-usd1-25-million-raised-by-splinterlands-or-another-110-booster-packs-for-another-airdrop
Curation reward: 7.261288 SPT for nealmcspadden/monster-maverick-show-2020-09-20-tower-defense-madness
Curation reward: 5.260866 SPT for holoz0r/re-urun-rik4af
Curation reward: 5.919779 SPT for goldmatters/one-billion-possibilities-but-just-one-outcome
Curation reward: 4.015539 SPT for vimukthi/dec-goes-up-while-btc-eth-crash-selling-my-hive-assets-to-join-splinterlands-tower-defense
Curation reward: 7.414880 SPT for holoz0r/splinterlands-daily-quest-stream-replay-september-19-2022
Curation reward: 7.399471 SPT for rosiew/splinterlands-town-hall-sept-19-2022
Curation reward: 4.288922 SPT for bobaphet/re-ctrpch-rigm9g
Curation reward: 4.201533 SPT for ctrpch/re-bobaphet-2022919t221858586z
Curation reward: 4.203335 SPT for bobaphet/re-ctrpch-2022919t164825290z
Curation reward: 4.132815 SPT for ctrpch/re-bobaphet-2022919t154717140z
Curation reward: 4.338127 SPT for bobaphet/re-steemmonsters-rieqnu
Curation reward: 5.547523 SPT for bobaphet/re-splinterlands-ricvo0
Curation reward: 4.622048 SPT for bobaphet/re-jagged-riccdg
Curation reward: 7.031317 SPT for bobaphet/re-steemmonsters-riccc3
Curation reward: 4.487693 SPT for ctrpch/re-gadrian-2022916t232848866z
Curation reward: 4.483397 SPT for bobaphet/re-clove71-rib1lj
Curation reward: 7.479506 SPT for bobaphet/re-rentmoney-rib1em
Curation reward: 4.531132 SPT for bobaphet/re-rentmoney-rib1dm
Author reward: 1.810035 SPT for mattclarke/re-gvasil-rib182
Curation reward: 11.403311 SPT for gvasil/splinterlands-land-eye-candies
Curation reward: 7.407633 SPT for minismallholding/re-neha-designer-riaumb
Curation reward: 10.701300 SPT for nealmcspadden/monster-maverick-show-2022-09-13
Curation reward: 8.085927 SPT for chrisrice/re-oc70wq2rujgw7fn9504uyt
Curation reward: 0.964461 SPT for goldmatters/splinterlands-to-shock-web3-with-riftwatchers
Curation reward: 6.397363 SPT for rosiew/splinterlands-announces-this-previously-undisclosed-at-town-hall-september-12-2022
Curation reward: 0.925596 SPT for walkingkeys/splinterlands-pfp-project-could-be-huge
Curation reward: 3.428861 SPT for splinterlands/riftwatchers-trailer
Author reward: 1.709670 SPT for mattclarke/re-mistakili-ri3g2p
Curation reward: 3.687930 SPT for mistakili/ri3el2
Author reward: 1.692451 SPT for mattclarke/re-edicted-ri3afp
Curation reward: 3.315593 SPT for jron/splinterlands-the-growth-conundrum
Staked 304.180164 SPT to mattclarke
Staked 813.736172 SPT to mattclarke
Staked 723.102276 SPT to mattclarke
Staked 786.043926 SPT to mattclarke
Staked 444.612745 SPT to mattclarke
Staked 1140.316854 SPT to mattclarke
Staked 1570.265324 SPT to mattclarke
Staked 3877.80253 SPT to mattclarke
Staked 2357.568752 SPT to mattclarke
Staked 2773.828253 SPT to mattclarke
Staked 809.956009 SPT to mattclarke
Staked 1550.340736 SPT to mattclarke
Staked 781.201138 SPT to mattclarke
Staked 6600.270044 SPT to mattclarke
Received 6572.746395 SPT from fivesecondrule
Staked 999.226621 SPT to mattclarke
Staked 196.44525 SPT to mattclarke
Staked 5439.305811 SPT to mattclarke
Transferred 29000 SPT to fivesecondrule
Received 200000 SPT from fivesecondrule
Staked 877.444634 SPT to mattclarke
Transferred 646.955573 SPT to fivesecondrule
Staked 5789.529648 SPT to mattclarke
Staked 1095.4541 SPT to mattclarke
Staked 60221.326839 SPT to mattclarke
Completed unstake of 20000 SPT
Completed unstake of 20000 SPT
Completed unstake of 20000 SPT
Transferred 20707.825814 SPT to fivesecondrule
Completed unstake of 20000 SPT
Started unstake of 80000 SPT
Transferred 50052.898961 SPT to fivesecondrule
Staked 87570.482079 SPT to mattclarke
Completed unstake of 87500 SPT
Transferred 88050.690724 SPT to fivesecondrule
Completed unstake of 87500 SPT
Transferred 188000 SPT to fivesecondrule
Completed unstake of 87500 SPT
Delegated 10000 SPT to bafi
Completed unstake of 87500 SPT
Started unstake of 350000 SPT
Received 3951.789095 SPT from kevinli <3
Staked 7045.652396 SPT to mattclarke
Received 6887 SPT from kevinli you can put it to better use than me <3
Delegated 10000 SPT to marianaemilia
Delegated 10000 SPT to pardinus
Delegated 10000 SPT to scooter77
Staked 27.452816 SPT to mattclarke
Received stake of 415875.657177 SPT from splinterlands