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"we want to build a game that is traditional" - 0/10
'soulbound' reward cards are lame. The only decent idea I've heard related to that is burning a rarity-based fractional amount of vouchers to 'unbind' cards, otherwise it's detrimental. Try not to completely replace one of the main reasons people like this game/technology (hint: it isn't gladiators).

If you want normal reward cards to have more value then you need to make CP more important, scale higher, and have land soak up 500 trillion cards, then have each edition of reward cards diminish CP/card over time just like before. I don't understand this thing where you devise a nearly perfect game economy and then start tableflipping the best ideas as often as possible. Double-down on your strengths and give me a reason to hoard 100m collection power for a few chest bonuses or something, instead of aspiring to become hearthstone.

Also worth mentioning that anything intended to kill bot farms will synonymously kill the rental market which inevitably crashes card values. It's better to have 50 million bots bidding on rentals than to have 0. Anyone that thinks otherwise hasn't been paying attention.

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