Kulu Swimhunter Weekly Battle Challenge | Splinterlands #163

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This week’s battle challenge focuses on the Kulu Swimhunter.

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Card Details

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A Chaos Legion common level monster from the Water Splinter at level 1:

  • Estimated cost: $0.07
  • Range attack: 2
  • Speed: 2
  • Health: 4

The weekly battles continue to focus on the new Chaos Legion cards, and this week it focuses on the Kulu Swimhunter. Unfortunately, the uniquely named Kulu Swimhunter doesn't have anything unique that sets itself apart from the new set of Chaos Legion cards. However, this doesn't mean it's not helpful; it has ok health and damage at level 1 for a low mana cap card. And when you pair Kulu up with the new Chaos Legion Summoner, Keyla Frendul, that extra speed and armor add to its usefulness. I know this is a cliched statement, but the majority of my Chaos Legion set is not at a level that I can compete with, so I will be featuring the Peacebringer in the battle challenge as both Kulu and Peacebringer are similar in stats and, importantly have no abilities:

Image 20.png

Battle - Full Battle Replay

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Battle Details

  • Mana cap: 21
  • Rulesets(s): Target Practice, Noxious Fumes

Lineup Details

  • Tyrus Paladium (Summoner): +1 armor to all friendly monsters.
  • Shieldbearer: primary melee tank with high armor.
  • Furious Chicken: sacrificial lamb to absorb an enemy attack.
  • Divine Healer + Truthspeaker: double heal and armor buff to provide more survivability to Shieldbearer
  • Peacebringer: primary range damage

Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?

Image 22.png

Unfortunately, I had no answer to the power duo of Djinn Oshannus and Keyla Frendul, who blew away my team. The Djinn Oshannus is such an overpowered card, and with additional speed and armor, it was too much to overcome. Also, it didn't help that Noxious Fumes ruleset was active, and therefore that minus two poison damage every round was too much. Focusing on the Peacebringer - it was able to support the Shieldbearer with some damage, but it only could proc two hits, of which one missed due to Djinn Oshannus's high speed resulting.

Do you like the Kulu Swimhunter? Why or why not?

Listen, most of the Chaos Legion cards are cheap, so it's generally a good time to expand your Chaos Legion collection if you are interested in playing splinterlands in the long term. Do I like Kulu Swimhunter? As I mentioned previously, it doesn't have any abilities or anything unique to set itself apart. However, at level 1, it still has okish stats, and as you look to level it up, it may be able to feature as a support range monster in those low mana cap battles.


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