Road to Opening 1000 Chaos Legion Packs - Week 16 | Splinterlands #174

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Another week has gone by in my challenge to open 1000 Chaos Legion packs, and I will closely monitor and transparently share all details about the challenge in these posts.

Road to opening 1000 Chaos Legion Packs Week 16 Update

The major news in the crypto world has been BTC recording an 8th weekly red candle, and similarly, after this week's pack opening, I am only a 7th-week profit and loss losing streak. This week's pack opening continues the overall trend that opening packs result in negative expectations. Also, I naively didn't factor in the additional costs of purchasing potions when planning out this challenge! Nonetheless, it's a long-term challenge. It will be interesting to see if opening packs can result in a positive expectation overall.

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Key Cards

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This will be the third or fourth week in a row of receiving at least a minimum of one legendary card in the pack openings. I have previously received Chaos Dragon, and it's a beast of a card without overstating it. I can't wait to stack more and look to upgrade it to unlock the additional abilities.


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