Road to Opening 1000 Chaos Legion Packs - Week 17 | Splinterlands #176

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Another week has gone by in my challenge to open 1000 Chaos Legion packs, and I will closely monitor and transparently share all details about the challenge in these posts.

Road to opening 1000 Chaos Legion Packs Week 17 Update

Another week, another pack opening, and another negative profit and loss. When I used the fantastic Pack Value Calculator on, it showed that opening the 20 packs would result in a negative profit and loss.

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Therefore it's my fault for expecting opening packs to result in profits! :) Looking at the overall results so far in the challenge, those three green weeks were super lucky and set unrealistic expectations for the rest of the challenge.

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Key Cards

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On the positive side, the trend of at least receiving one legendary card continues, and it's a legendary monster I hadn't received before. Also, I am nearing 2000 Chaos Legion cards, which have been made possible by opening 380 packs!


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