The Journey from 1000 Pack Opening Challenge to Owning a complete Chaos Legion Regular Foil Set and Land – Update 1 | Splinterlands #242

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You know that feeling when you have finally accomplished and completed a big goal, and then the next few weeks seem like you are wandering around the world, feeling a little empty and wondering what is next. That's how the past week has been for me. For the uninitiated, I recently completed my 1000 Chaos Legion pack opening challenge. After spending a year with primarily weekly updates, it's fair to say that my feelings are normal and natural. Countless talk about the post-deadline blues and feeling of emptiness, so I am not alone here. It is expected that when you dedicate your energy and time to a goal, once you accomplish it, things feel anti-climatic. Hence, I am excited to start with the next challenge. These challenges will be time-based; ideally, I would like to have them completed before the new Rebellion set is released later this year.

For those that didn't read my last update, which summarized the 1000 Chaos Legion pack opening challenge, you can find more details here. In the post, I detailed the next set of challenges that I will be focusing on, namely:

  • Obtain a complete regular foil Chaos Legion set playable in Gold Leagues by the end of 2023 Q1.
  • Obtain a complete regular foil Chaos Legion set playable in Diamond Leagues by the end of 2023 Q3.
  • Obtain one plot of Land by the end of 2023 Q3.


Obtain a complete regular foil Chaos Legion set playable in Gold Leagues by the end of 2023 Q1

In preparation for this challenge, I took the first steps to take stock of what monsters and summoners I have on the alt account I built up during the 1k pack opening challenge. One change I am introducing to the challenge is to include the Chaos Legion Reward cards. These cards pair well with the Chaos Legion set and will continue to bolster the alt account that plays in the Modern league.

Also, in the past week, we released the penultimate Chaos Legion airdrop, which saw the release of the new Chaos Legion Death unit summoner, Astral Entity. Unfortunately, the RNG gods didn't favor me, and I received no airdrop cards.

Key Stats

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This week was quiet as I was taking stock of and putting together all the relevant information I needed to start and keep track of this challenge.

Chaos Legion Set

20230208 08 21 10.png

Chaos Legion Reward set

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