Equal Opportunity! Weekly Battle Mage Secrets!


Welcome back to our Weekly Battle Mage Secrets!
This week, we are featuring the Equal Opportunity ruleset.


Equal Opportunity:

  • All units gain the Opportunity ability which allows them to attack the unit with the lowest health on the enemy team.

Equal Opportunity is an amazing ruleset where you're able to showcase various strategies especially for those that aren't able to attack easily like melee monsters that don't have any sort of ability to attack from anywhere. This levels out the playing field where you can focus fire on specific enemies to take them out quickly. Let's look at the synergies and counters!

If you can fit it in your lineup, Bloodlust is a key addition to your team when your monsters can hit from the backline. The great thing about it is that since you'll be targeting the lowest HP enemy monster, there's a higher chance of triggering the ability. You could potentially end up with a beast that mows everything down. Monsters like Jared Scar are best for these.
Fitting in some heavy hitters when you can complements well with Opportunity. The problem is that monsters may have Armor or Void Armor which helps tank hits. Having Pierce will allow you to get through it without wasting an attack and do max damage possible.
Double Strike
Since everyone gets opportunity, having monsters with double strike will be able to provide a significant amount of DPS and can potentially mow down the opposition.
The fairly recent Martyr ability is one good counter for Opportunity. Since when the target dies, it essentially buffs up it's teammates, when the buffed monsters get to attack, it could be potentially fatal to your lineup.
This goes hand in hand with the first one which is Martyr. A Martyr - Resu combo is both annoying and scary to go against. Your enemy can essentially get at least 2 Bloodlust like buffs that can decimate your team. If they have more than 1 Resu ability or if there's a Rebirth ruleset, they will be hitting like a truck.
The main point of Opportunity is to be able to dictate where focus fire goes since everyone has it. One of the best ways to negate that would be to have Camouflage so that even if they are able to all attack, you are able to dictate where the attack goes rather than to the lowest HP monster. If you use Lily Shieldpaw as your summoner, this becomes better than Taunt since when the Taunt monster dies, Opportunity will run as normal.


This week's feature is from a regular match in Diamond League. Rulesets are as follows:


  • Equal Opportunity
  • Close Range

Small mana ruleset again and the opponent opted to go with the main suggestions I gave for synergy and counters. Let's see how it goes.

Round 1


I'll be honest, this one isn't looking good for me. The enemy opted to go with a lot of the things I suggested in the synergies and counters.

Kicking off with a Lily Shieldpaw with Camouflage, this makes it so that I'm forced to hit the front line. Unfortunately for me, I opted to go with a magic lineup thinking that the low mana cap will have more monsters with fewer HP. To a certain extent, it was a good idea, the problem was that Lily's inherent ability overrides Opportunity. Icing on the cake for the enemy is that both front line and secondary tank both have Magic Reflect.


Round 2


Aside from the summoner ability playing in their favor, I also suffer from going up against Jared Scar who I mentioned would be a powerhouse in rulesets like these. While I did have a Martyr ability on me, it's not going to end well seeing as Jared Scar's Bloodlust stacks are starting and I have no way to hit him because of the Camouflage.


Round 3


After I get decimated, Round 3 stars with a 1v4 with a buffed up Jared Scar at the tail end. No other way of making a come back this time, unfortunately.




GG! This is the second week in a row where I recorded a loss on the Weekly Battle Mage Secrets. I do acknowledge the defeat and it also reinforces the strategies I had as majority of them were employed by the opposition. Unfortunately for me, I don't have a Gold or Diamond Level Lily Shieldpaw as that would have increased my odds of winning too but that's just how things work sometimes.

That's it for this one and see you next week!

Full battle here.

Images provided by Splinterlands in game and via Weekly Battle Mage Challenge post.




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