Explosive Weaponry! Weekly Battle Mage Secrets!


Welcome back to our Weekly Battle Mage Secrets!
This week, we are featuring the Explosive Weaponry ruleset.


Explosive Weaponry:

  • All units gain the Blast ability.
  • Additional damage is equivalent to main damage divided by 2, rounded up.
  • Include a unit with Reflection Shield in your lineup to absorb blast damage and protect your back line.

Explosive Weaponry or what I'd like to call the Yodin or Blast ruleset is a devastating ruleset and can usually end up in a fast match. A lot of damage can be dealt out especially if you're strategic with the synergies and counters. Let's see what we suggest.

Reflection Shield
If you can, try to incorporate this into any lineup with the Explosive Weaponry ruleset. This is the best ability you can use to negate any blast damage.
Taunt is the best synergy with Reflection Shield. Directing all the damage towards the monster with this ability and have it next to the monster with Reflection Shield negates the blast damage and can have you survive for longer. You will want to either put a Taunt monster at the front or end of your lineup.
Opportunity is a good combination with blast because if you're able to target low level monsters, you can potentially target and kill early while also spreading out damage.
Headwinds/Silence/Demoralize is a good counter for this ruleset because you can reduce damage sent your way which, in turn, reduces blast damage that gets splashed to your team.
Return Fire
Return Fire and Magic Reflect is also a good counter for the blast ruleset. If your magic or ranged attack splashes via blast, then the damage done hits back to the damage dealer.
Martyr is an interesting potential counter for going against blast. Having a martyr monster next to your taunt or frontline tank can potentially get beefed up with this and can potentially mow down the enemy lineup.


This week's feature is from a regular match in Diamond League. Rulesets are as follows:


  • Taking Sides
  • Explosive Weaponry

This week is a max mana cap match! This is a back to back max mana cap match same as last week's match. In this case though, I might be biting off more than I can chew.

Round 1


Ah good ol' Kitty. I am 100% screwed here. Not only do I not have max levels of the monsters I'm using, the cards that the opponent is using are both very expensive and very strong.

Scale Doctor, Agor Longtail and of course Kitty are some of the best beast cards you can have and playing them in this ruleset with max levels are going to be crazy good.

This round lasts extremely long as you can see in the image it's 2/54. This will take a while but I'll most likely be demolished in the process.


Round 2


Round 2 is still a long, drawn out round with there being 29 moves. My tank has been absolutely destroyed and the trample from the Chaos Dragon is going to completely wreck me even further. This is pretty much the beginning of the end as I'm outgunned in all facets of this match.




GG! To be fair, as you can see on the results page, I had absolutely no business going up against a guy who's already in Champion League. Let's chalk this up to a bad case of matchmaking from the game. I got absolutely dumpstered but at least I only lost 3 rating!

That's it for this one and see you next week!

Full battle here.

Images provided by Splinterlands in game and via Weekly Battle Mage Challenge post.




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