Was renting worth it?


Let me start by saying that I tend to eyeball these things, so in simple terms: "The one moment it was there, then it was gone."

That pretty much sums up my rental experience going from Gold 2 to Gold 1 with 50K CP rented.

Although I only started serious renting about mid season as that makes the most sense for me to do so, I still rent at a Level 5 Light and Death Summoner before then and the cards I rent out cover about 60 - 90 DEC.

The mid-season rental push started with 200 DEC for 50K - I used peakmonsters bulk rental tool for this, and I would say I think the extra earnings per match won feel nice psychologically but really it is a whole lot of cancelling out.

Then the last 3 days of season come and that doubled from 200 DEC to about 400 DEC, now you definitely do not gain in any respect.

The single extra chest per daily and then 4 extra per season in my case, and let's say about 4 DEC more per match won on an average of 12 matches per day (48DEC)... It is all kind of "Meh!"

I am definitely more of a slow and steady kinda guy, with moments of "FUUUUUUUCK I have to do this now, take everything I have I want it."

I don't think this rush to rent to a higher league is worth the effort. If only because of the absolute resentment it will bring when you do not strike it lucky in rewards.

Now renting up to get over a midway or so threshold or renting up knowing you possibly only going to see return longterm or just to get out of the hell hole which is bronze. No problem.

Renting up for an average increase in return, this is just not how the game is built. Return and rewards are different, sure you will get more cards but you are probably just as well off having a higher win rate and buying what you need.

So below is my Season Report card, cleaned up a bit, there it says I received about 2544 DEC for wins, and 57 Cards (535 DEC) in reward chests. That includes end of season. I did get 2 packs also I think, which as is the norm no better than a Silver 1 daily. With not too bad chest DEC that equal 791 , that makes me think I dreamt all the stupid 1 DEC rewards.

Although my stats are a mixture of staying in Gold 2 for half the season before moving up, I don't think they would be very different and probably my daily DEC and importantly DEC I could have accumulated would have been higher overall.

One thing @Splinterlands ought to implement I think would be to make 2 more Quest potion types or makes Quest and End of Season Chest Potions be purchasable as single items.

750 DEC for 5 extra Chests is actually a lot to spend in one go, but maybe 125 DEC for 1 Chest, given those chests then have the same odds as in Champion league.

Making the ability to "buy" extra rewards more affordable, albeit just a bit pricier than one might like, would give some control back to players who really just want to play and feel as though they can accelerate progression a bit without having to feed an abusive rental market system.

Personally, I won't be renting again to jump league, I will rent what I require to increase my win rate, and if I can offset that with rentals of my own then dandy.

Below is my Report Card for a quick gander, I stripped out some parts but to make your own visit the link at the bottom.

Splinter Stats Season 70 Report Card

Rewards Report

Standard Foil Cards
Rarity Quantity 🔥DEC🔥
Common 51 255
Rare 4 80
Epic 2 200
Legendary 0 0
Total Standard 57 535

Loot Chests

Reward Chests Dailies Season Total 💲Token
Legendary Potions 9 6 15 🟡 600
Alchemy Potions 17 3 20 🟡 1000
DEC 579 212 - 🟣 791
CREDITS 0 0 - 🟡 0
CHAOS Packs 2 0 2 🟡 8000
Cards (Total) 46 11 57 🟣 535

Captured DEC (Ranked Rewards)

Ranked Play Wins DEC Earned
253 🟣 2544

Total Ranked Play Rewards

Total Ranked Play Earnings
🟣 3870 DEC
🟡 9600 CREDITS

🟣 Rental Report

Type DEC (fees)
Revenue -910.321 (62.688)
Expenses (771.258)
Cancellation Refunds 338.745
NET (1405.522)

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I find renting to be the most lucrative at the beginning of the season - the prices tend to be ridiculously low to get CP, so you can spend more to get a good deck to fight with.



Yeah, I have started renting higher summoners soon in the season so I can quickly push through to my preferred level although I don't tend to like doing the effort to rent full big teams on the one hand it feels like cheating haha but I should utilise rentals more to build solid teams if I want to increase my win rate then just let the rentals cancel if they want near the end since I fortunately have enough natural CP to stay in Gold 2. !PIZZA


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Thanks to good fellas like you, I earn from renting out my cards. Keep renting, good sir.