Blogging rewards; Card giveaway; Life Splinter


Experiment Results

Results are in from my last experiment mentioned here ( and it looks like I was able to get my money's worth from both of my posts last week. Overall, I made roughly 3.1 HBD and 1.7 in HP. Not as much money as I had hoped based on the rewards from my first few posts, but I'm still more than happy with the results so far.

Took me longer than I intended before writing this post, but I was quite busy with some IRL stuff this week. In this post, I'll mention the winners from the card giveaways from the post linked above as well as this post here ( I'll also briefly talk about the Life Splinter and some of the cards that I find essential here. As always, this is based off of my own experience from playing all level 1 cards only at the Silver 3 League.

Life Splinter

This card is just insane, and is a staple of most of my Life deck lineups. Works good in almost all lineups, as long as healing isn't banned by the ruleset. Shoutout to the double healer lineup with this, Divine Healer, and the Shieldbearer. If the opponent doesn't have enough damage or the Affliction ability, this lineup can usually just outlast them to victory.

Next up is the Evangelist. Another card that I use a lot of the time. At 6 mana, with 3 ranged damage I think it's a pretty great card. The Snare ability is also very underrated in my opinion, especially when used in the Earthquake ruleset as a way to play against Flying lineups.

Lastly, I wanted to bring up Warrior of Peace. To be honest, I only really use it for very high mana rulesets, as the 7 mana is quite a lot for a card that doesn't deal damage. With that being said, the Demoralizer ability is amazing against certain lineups, and at 9 health and 5 speed, it generally works as a great secondary tank next to my Shieldbearer as well.

Previous Giveaway Winners

Now I'll announce the winners from the past 2 posts that I linked at the top of this post. First, for the winner of the Pelacor Deceiver, we have ---


So, congrats to @ozymnds !

And for the winner of the Gargoya Lion ---


Congrats to @theduce !!

Both cards have already been sent. Enjoy!

Card Giveaway

For this post, I'll be giving away one Venari Bonesmith which is currently at 60 cents on the market. It's a little bit more expensive than my usual giveaways, but just want to see if this post will get more engagement because of the better card. This card with the Life Leech ability can become a real powerhouse if kept alive for long enough.

As usual, I'll announce the winner in about a week once the blog payouts come through.

To join:

Giveaway Rules

  • Comment your Splinterlands username so I know who to transfer the card to.
  • Upvote the post
  • That's it! I'd appreciate a follow but that's not required. I do about 2 card giveaways a week though, so please do follow if you're interested in joining. Additionally, I would love to hear what cards you think are currently undervalued for the Life splinter.

For the newbies out there that want to get into the game, feel free to use my referral code:

I get some benefits if you sign up using that, but I'll be sure to make it worth your while by either sending you some DEC or delegating some cards to help you get started. Just reach out to me and let me know.


Hey ! The name is wookat. Thanks for this giveaway !