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Hello guys, welcome back to Ramadhanight's Hive Blog on Splinterlands Weekly Battle Challenge's Session. For this week Battle Challenge, Splinterlands team have choose dragons as the theme, and i just pick this Carnage Titan for my Battle Challenge, let's see how it goes !


~Lore of The Carnage Titan~

Before we start taking about the battle, let's talk about the monster first. For those who loves a story, i bring you the lore of the Carnage Titan

He was called Holicrai the Magnificent and without doubt, he was the finest Gloridax guardian in the history of the land. He was as feared as some of the dragons that lived on Dragon’s Roost. The people of Draykh-Nahka would sing songs about him, and the ancient scholars would say that the sagas told about him didn’t do him justice. When he passed to the other side, they took his armor and displayed it in the Warrior’s Hall, deep within the Centrum. His bones were laid to rest in the Guardian’s Chapel on the far side of the city, a shrine open to the people so they might pay their respects for all he had done.

It cost Morloth, the crazed tinker, not a single penny to acquire the armor. The Chaos Legion had brought it to him, together with a long, thick bone from the chapel’s tomb – probably the femur he guessed. He didn’t ask them how they’d come by it, and the strange man that conveyed the delivery was most peculiar indeed. He wore a long black coat and top hat, with a bizarre beaked mask and shimmering green amulet about his neck, carrying a lantern that pierced the night. He spoke to himself as much as he did to Morloth, and by the end of their conversation, the tinker wasn’t sure who he was more afraid of, the entire Chaos Legion that had descended upon the land, or this one strange man that was standing before him.

Using the green crystals that he’d fuelled the Disintegrator with, Morloth set to work hammering away at the pieces of armor and fusing parts of the bone to the metal. Night passed into morning, as he sharpened its metal fingers into deadly claws, each one as long as his forearm. Then daylight came and went, the cycle repeating until he had lost complete track of time. He took sips of water from the various flasks that littered his workshop, and when the paltry reserves of food ran out, he chewed upon the green crystals themselves, sucking the energy from them. Partway through his labors, Morloth had to drag his creation from the workshop and set a canvas tent outside to continue, so big was the masterpiece. When it was time to attach the head, he rolled the lump of metal across the ground and fused it to the shoulders. Finally, he started work on the impressive helm that would conceal the giant green crystal that fuelled the creation’s mind and body.

When finished, Morloth collapsed in a state of complete exhaustion. He awoke later to find that his creation was gone. The terrible Carnage Titan had come to life and left him whilst he slept. He never did learn where his golem had gone, but then, nor did he discover how fortunate he was that it didn’t tear him to pieces before it left.

Source: Splinterlands.com Lore


General Information About Carnage Titan

Now that we knew about the lore of this monster, let's have a look at his stats and ability. The information about this monster's stats and ability are shown below


Carnage Titan is a legendary dragon monster that came on the Chaos Legion Edition. It's not hard for this monster to be popular because he is a strong melee monster with great defensive and offensive ability. He got reach ability that allow him to attack from second positiond and having double strike as well that allow him to attack twice on each turn. At 1st level, he got 2 melee attack, 3 speed, 7 armor, and 8 health. At 2nd level, he become even deadlier with 3 basic melee attack which will become 6 physical attack because he got the double strike ability. At 3rd level, he got powerfull shield ability to go against physical monster, and at maxed level (lv 4), his attack power increased again into 4 basic melee attack that allows him to do 8 melee attack each turn (without buff or debuff). With all those stats and ability, he easily become the preferred 2nd monster to fill people's lane up on high mana cap ruleset.




Battle Link: https://splinterlands.com/?p=battle&id=sl_63833625b0ded0b2f08256236e72110f

My Lineup's Explanation :

Rules :


Before we discuss about the formation, here is the rules for this match
Explosive Weaponry : All monster have the blast ability !
Lost Magic : Monsters with magic attack may not be used in battles !
29 mana cap: Medium mana cap, not really suit this titan, but let's try it and see how it goes !.
Splinter available : Life, Death, and Dragons are available.

Summonerimage.png+1 Melee BuffWhat would suit Carnage Titan better than this Summoner ? +1 Physical damage means +2 for the carnage titan !
Tankerimage.pngShieldSince i got medium mana cap, i need a low mana tanker that is hard enough to be a tanker. This little monster is the one i chose with his shield ability to go against physical monsters.
2nd Monsterimage.pngReach, Double StrikesMy main monster for this week challenge ! Expect to blast enemies twice each turn with his double strikes ability. Put him on where he is belong, the 2nd position !
3rd Monsterimage.pngSneak, Double StrikeAnother monster with double strike ability. Blast is ruleset that i tried to exploit with blast ability. More blast, more damage given to enemies ! Put him on 3rd position, the safest position for this low health monster.
4th Monsterimage.pngOpportunityAnother hitter, but this monster is having the opportunity that allow him to hit the lowest health enemies. This dragon monster also having high enough health (5) to stand from the sneaker monster.
5th Monsterimage.pngFly1 mana cost, what else you expect from him ? of course as a decoy to waste enemies damage/ attack. Put him 5th to cover the 3rd and 4th monster from the sneakers.
6th Monsterimage.pngCripples3 mana cost, 2 range attack, and 4 health. This monster is suitable to fill the backline because he is having pretty good health and attack

I would also talk a little about my enemies lane up, but won't too detailed as my lane up, just a my point of view in general about his lane up.


Even that i'm sure this one is a bot, i thought that the way it build the lane up is pretty good. Cursed Windeku on the front with the thorn ability to go against melee monster (include double strike from carnage titan would hurt the titan himself with double 2 damage). Following the Windeku is the spider with the reach ability and 3 melee damage, a solid monster to deal damage from 2nd position. He also have 3 armor and 5 health to survive. On 3rd position, there is the 0 mana monster for decoy. On 4th position there is the 3 mana cost monster with 3 range damage, another scary damage dealer but having low health (just 2), placing him on 4th position is really good (except against the monster with opportunity ability). Later there is the uraeus, damage dealer that having 1 armor to stand some damage from the back. Last is Lira, the legendary monster with 3 range attaack, 6 health, and 6 speed. Placing him on last position is clever to stand from sneakers which would like to miss some damage because she got very high speed. Missing damage mean double miss on blast ruleset !


Does My Strategy is Worked ? :

If you want to watch the battle, please click the link of battle replay i've mentioned above.

The battle scene are also shown on gif below:


On 1st round, all buff are applied, 1 physical attack form my monster while getting -1 health debuff from enemies summoner. On this 1st ever round, there are many casualties with 3 monster getting eliminated on my side and 2 monster from my enemy's side. Carnage titan now fill the front position since my tank is eliminated.


On 2nd round, my enemies takes the advantage to attack first with Lira that having 6 speed are blasting my backline monster. The situation now become 1 against 4 for me, but soon the carnage titan is doing his dance, 2 enemies are taken down on his 1st attack, and 1 other are fall down later with his 2nd attack (thanks for the double strikes ability). Lira found herself as the last monster, and unlucky for her there is no close range ruleset that allow her to attack from front position. Now it's time to finish her !


Discuss About Carnage Titan :

What I Like About Carnage Titan:
One thing for sure is his double strike ability. It gave you more offensive power because he could deal double damage. And double strikes at some situation is more usefull than a single higher damage, because even if you have 10 damage, it means nothing against 1 armor if you don't have piercing. A forcefield would also nerf 5 or more damage into just one, so having double strike is really an advantage. On this blast ruleset as well, with double strike ability, you could eliminating 4 monster at once (on my match, it's only 3, but is a match decider, because if he only got single high damage, the 3rd monster can't be hit due to limited attack turn. I also love his pretty solid armor. 7 armor is high enough to help him survive against physical opponents, and his ability against physical opponents become even better with his shield ability starting at 3rd level.

What I Don't Like About Carnage Titan:
Okay, he is very good for dealing damage and having great defensive stats and ability against physical monster with his shield and armor, but how about against magic enemies ? He got nothing special and considered as a weak monster against those magic enemies. He only stand with the 8 health, and because he got 11 mana cost, giant killer will get him double damage. Get maxed lv cabalist or lv 4 with magic damage buff from Delwyn will get him killed on a single turn !

When to Use Carnage Titan:
No magic ruleset will get him become a dangerous monster with the shield and armor, and ruleset that giving advantage to melee monster such as all sneak and opportunity or attack from any position will give this monster chance to hide on the back while giving high damage as well. Magic hit armor will be great as well to help him survive against magic monster with his high armor. High mana cap is his main area, use him on those rules !
What to avoid Carnage Titan:
Low mana cap surely not giving him advantage, get another monster with better stats and ability to go on those rules. Thorn ruleset or enemies with thorn and a amplify ability also need to avoided. Double strikes mean double thorn, and with amplify it would be 6 damage for him ! Also be carefull on facing magic monster because he got low protection against them, especially cabalist with the giant killer ability !

What would i do next ?
I would always consider to use this monster on high mana cap, and getting him with tank that great against magic damage such as Agor Longtail that also having the Taunt ability will be great to makes sure Carnage Titan is having enough time to hurt enemies.



Carnage Titan is a powerfull legendary dragon monster with high offensive ability (double strikes) and a great defensive ability against physical monster (high armor and shield), but be carefull because he got medium health and no protection against magic monster. Be carefull with the giant killer as well because he is one of those giants !


Final Words

Thank you for kindly read my post, i hope you enjoyed this post and could give another view about this summoner. Let me know if you got another view about this summoner on comment section. If you haven't play #Splinterland (the greatest battle card game), you can start join this #Play2Earn game using my referral link below to get a 60 Dec Bonus and A simple guide to start gain earn from this game with those DEC. (Just Dm me 😉 ).

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~Thank You~


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