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The Battle


Battle RulesetsDescriptionInfo
AIMLESSAll Monsters have the Scattershot ability.This can hit the camouflage monsters too.
BRIAR PATCHAll Monsters have the Thorns ability.Try to avoid uses of melee monsters or use monsters with Reflection Shield.
BROKEN ARROWSRanged attack Monsters may not be used in battles.A high HP first monster with Void ability will deal with both melee and magic. Give your tank a back up with a tank heal support. Using Thorns or Magic Reflect is also very useful in this rule set. Defend against either Magic or Melee attacks by using the right summoner and then use monsters' abilities to deal with the other attack type.


It was the lowest mana (12) game. I like this type of battle cause always special to fill the battleground with monsters for this few mana.

Kelya Frendul - She is a good starting point in this type of battle. Speed and Armor boost are specially important in low mana.
Chaos Agent - I use it a lot in low mana games cause it has a good mana price/value ratio. It can survive or dodge some attacks and only cost 1 mana. It was a good choice in this game too.
Tide Biter - MVP of the game. Reflection Shield is a very important ability in Briar Patch games. Tide has also a good high damage and big life for only 3 mana.
Torrent Fiend - Filler of the battlefield. It was one of my GFL cards, but I sold it because it has a good price nowadays. I will remember with good fillings to this card.
Doctor Blight - Doctor is a camouflage monster, but I selected him because of the poisonous damage. The main concept was that he attack and infest everybody :) And it is worked more or less.

Battle - Replay


Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?

Yes. It was a clean victory, I tried some other team after the game, but it was my best option. The Tide Biter was the key in my victory, with reflection shield helps him to survive the Thorns damages.

Battle Results


Which cards are good/bad for AIMLESS ruleset? Why or why not?

  • I think blast monsters are the best for this ruleset.
  • On the other side, Camouflage monsters lost their strength

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