Another Chaos Legion pack opening

Recently I was lucky enough to win a chaos legion pack from a tournament, today I decided to open it and I am happy with the results even if I still didn't get a gold foil from opening packs:
The Hill Giant and Mycelic Morhpoid are both cards I might end up often using since Earth is one of my main elements, plus they are lost cost and I'm a bronze player.

Shadow Snitch on the other hand will most likely only end up used in Brawls since I don't have a Death summoner.

And talking about summoners, would you look at that? General Sloan is now another card that won't have an S on it.

Lastly, I haven't forgotten about the best card to come from this pack. The Forgotten One will see much use in poison matches, and on regular ones with enough energy to put a 9 card in the field.

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