SplinterBoost Daily Report 12-03-2023


Daily SplinterBoost Report for 12/03/2023

Splinterlands Posts UpVoted Today:

Bot Delegators & Earnings Report

Total Hive Delegated to Account: 15181 HP

Total HBD Balance: 0.5129999999999999

By delegating you HP to the @SplinterBoost bot you are helping to support the community and the bot & Earning Curation Rewards Daily!

Please note that payouts taht are smaller than 0.001 HBD are stored in the wallet and will be carried over to the next day's balance or unitll the payout is greater than 0.001

AccountDelegated HPPayout
@crypt0gnome5023 HP0.169729 HBD
@iamyourdaddy2412 HP0.081496 HBD
@stever821511 HP0.051048 HBD
@rachaeldwatson1390 HP0.046982 HBD
@sinistry826 HP0.027905 HBD
@catotune351 HP0.01187 HBD
@anaiak255 HP0.008624 HBD
@digitalsalt203 HP0.006843 HBD
@mad-runner201 HP0.006797 HBD
@gabrielrr17155 HP0.005238 HBD
@thepeoplesguild151 HP0.0051 HBD
@kqaosphreak151 HP0.005089 HBD
@successchar151 HP0.005087 HBD
@quetz150 HP0.005073 HBD
@hatdogsensei110 HP0.003723 HBD
@scfather110 HP0.003718 HBD
@jackramsey101 HP0.003401 HBD
@mickvir101 HP0.003398 HBD
@shineko009100 HP0.003392 HBD
@kid.miniatures100 HP0.003382 HBD
@kojiri100 HP0.003381 HBD
@miketr100 HP0.003379 HBD
@losgemanos70 HP0.002377 HBD
@holdeck70 HP0.002376 HBD
@last-phoenix70 HP0.002369 HBD
@pirulito.zoado51 HP0.001735 HBD
@moeknows51 HP0.001708 HBD
@hironakamura51 HP0.001708 HBD
@heutorybr51 HP0.001707 HBD
@honeymushybaby50 HP0.001705 HBD
@onthemountain50 HP0.0017 HBD
@irisworld50 HP0.001695 HBD
@assassyn50 HP0.001692 HBD
@jagged50 HP0.00169 HBD
@mario0240 HP0.001364 HBD
@chubb14930 HP0.001024 HBD
@poplar-2230 HP0.001019 HBD
@syel2530 HP0.001018 HBD
@brindyschi28 HP0.000947 HBD
@fredfettmeister25 HP0.000855 HBD
@jwing25 HP0.000848 HBD
@jnn1025 HP0.000846 HBD
@wazza8420 HP0.000684 HBD
@penass20 HP0.000683 HBD
@soltecno20 HP0.000683 HBD
@txrose20 HP0.000682 HBD
@kryptofire20 HP0.000681 HBD
@chillmaw20 HP0.000681 HBD
@lucimorningstar20 HP0.00068 HBD
@rqr420 HP0.000679 HBD
@drunksamurai20 HP0.000678 HBD
@dk1trade20 HP0.000678 HBD
@udow20 HP0.000676 HBD
@mhowii18 HP0.000614 HBD
@arc-echo17 HP0.000575 HBD
@hoffmeister8415 HP0.000511 HBD
@dragon9515 HP0.000509 HBD
@windkc14 HP0.000477 HBD
@bjangles14 HP0.000462 HBD
@yeral-diaz12 HP0.000409 HBD
@drstealth12 HP0.000408 HBD
@dewabrata10 HP0.000342 HBD
@nata8610 HP0.000342 HBD
@relf8710 HP0.000342 HBD
@bananofarmer10 HP0.000342 HBD
@ydaiznfts10 HP0.000341 HBD
@ydaiznfts210 HP0.000341 HBD
@submo10 HP0.000341 HBD
@edskymiguel10 HP0.000341 HBD
@baburamg10 HP0.00034 HBD
@trinitylove10 HP0.00034 HBD
@hannes-stoffel10 HP0.00034 HBD
@ijat10 HP0.00034 HBD
@orkangel10 HP0.000339 HBD
@dub-c10 HP0.000339 HBD
@jaunellargo10 HP0.000339 HBD
@kyodai9410 HP0.000339 HBD
@jsynnthagr88 HP0.000254 HBD
@thedoc075 HP0.000169 HBD
@luislrt5 HP0.000169 HBD
@timmy-turnip5 HP0.000169 HBD
@eldrenora4 HP0.000135 HBD
@butops3 HP0.000102 HBD
@intothereeds2 HP6.8e-05 HBD

How to Earn:

If you delegate to @splinterboost you will get paid out daily in HBD that were received that day proportional to the amount of HP you have (delegated/total_hive_delagted) * 100 as a %. We will also post payout in a daily report along with APR being earned for delegating to promote growth. Any HP earned though the 50/50 post and curation rewards will remain with the bot and grow over time to make the SplinterBoost an individual force for upvotes and HBD earned from that will also be included in delegator payouts so you will always have access to the growth...(hint: you don't always need a token :P).

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