Splinterlands Town Hall Summary - February 27th, 2023!


Town Hall Summary

  • Team Members:
    • Aggroed (Co-Founder & CEO)
    • Matt (Co-Founder & CPO)
    • PJ (CTO)
    • Nate (Creative Director)
    • WeirdBeard (ESports Manager)
    • Investygator (OPS Product Owner / Software Developer)
    • Lillyfire (Support)
    • r0n d0n (Splinterlands TV)
  • Recording:

  • Timestamps:

    • 00:35 - Team Introduction
    • 03:45 - Lillyfire
    • 06:20 - Investygator
    • 13:45 - PJ
    • 25:15 - Matt
    • 1:09:35 Chatter
    • 1:16:35 - WeirdBeard
    • 1:18:15 - Nate
    • 1:30:35 - r0n d0n (Splinterlands TV)
    • 1:37:55 - Q&A


💥 Company Updates 💥

Lillyfire - Support

  • Be sure to give as many details as possible when reporting an issue
  • Last season rewards - you can replay your rewards any time
  • If you find yourself unable to see your claimed rewards due to a delay in block processing, please follow this guide to to view your rewards.

Words from Wizards/Tuesday Release Update: InvestyGator

Season Rentals

Cards may now be listed up for a Season rental duration or a Daily rental duration. Season rentals made with more than 7 days left in a season will be for the remaining days until the end of the season, if there are less than 7 days left in a season then the rental will be for the days until the end of the following season, and Daily rentals will work as they have previously. You can also read about it in this article.

To be clear, you pay up front for the entire duration of a Season rental and have the card for that many days.

Season rentals that are cancelled by the owner, will still be rented until the end of the season, and then come off the market. The renter cannot cancel a season rental early for a refund.

Ranked Changes

The rating resets at end of season have been redone as per the chart below. You can also read this article for a more detailed explanation of these changes.

The rating difference between Champion Leagues has been reduced to 300 per league, down from 500 previously.

The mana cap per match chances have been smoothed out, giving each value an equal chance of coming up. The limit for Novice and Bronze ranges from 12-40 mana, Silver 12-50 mana, and Gold+ 12-60 mana. There is also a 2% chance of getting unlimited, or 99, mana as the limit in a match.

Novice League wins will always grant +10 rating, meaning it takes 10 wins to exit Novice.

Automated opponents, that do not gain rating, have been added to Novice so that new players can always find matches.

You will no longer reset further back in rating if you have not played any battles during a season. This is format specific, so not playing Wild will not prevent your Modern rating from resetting and vice-versa.

Additional messaging has been added when exiting Novice league directing players on how to purchase or rent cards.

Tech Modernization

The Open packs screen, known as the Mana Well, has been moved over to the Tech Modernization client.

General Updates

The Steem Engine bridge has been retired.

Steam Backed Dollars have been retired for Credit purchases.

The Battle button will remain disabled for 15 minutes after the end of season, to allow time for end of season processing to complete.

Fixed an issue with the Market Status end-point not returning completed transactions.

Added a new API end point for querying completed & archived market items: markets/completed_status. This will pull up information on completed and archived market items, similar to how market/status will return entries that have not yet been archived off after completion.

Added a new API end point for querying only active market items: markets/active_status. This will pull up information on not-yet archived market items. It takes either a single or comma separated list of market ids.

The Going The Distance rule set icon has been modified to be more distinct from the Aim True image.

Free-To-Play non-Hive accounts will no longer have transactions proxied to the Hive blockchain. This should be invisible to end users, as all activity these accounts are allowed to do are off-chain activities.

Some minor text clean-up, where we were incorrectly using Splinters instead of Elements and Thorns instead of Briar Patch.

Items Hotfixed into the Game Prior to the Release

The final Chaos Legion Summoner card, Lily Shieldpaw, has been added to the game!

Fixed an issue with combining cards (immediately following the prior release).

Fixed a minor display issue on Land Deed purchases.

Fixed an issue with rentals not completing properly and returning the card to the market.

Fixed an issue with transferring cards incorrectly stating that they were locked.

Words from Wizards - PJ (CTO)

  • Team has been performing fantastically
  • Getting things out consistently
  • Constant state of improvement
  • Working to get feedback from the community
  • Incorporating feedback into the game
  • Working to reduce server costs
    • Changes on several fronts
    • Overall cost for analysis
    • Deepdive into our infrastructure
  • Mobile experience
    • Waiting to finish tech modernization first - 35% finished
    • Biggest challenge - Still need to overhaul a lot of the UI
  • Backlog of development every time we add more functionality
  • Working to optimize so we don't have to write code twice
  • Highest priorities:
    • Security
    • Making sure that we aren't inflating costs
    • Consistency
    • Morale

Words from Wizards - Matt (Co-Founder & CPO)

  • Multicolored summoners
    • New tech that impacts summoners
    • This will be the first set with new mechanics beyond new abilities
    • Will be able to choose cards from 2 different elements
    • Working on testing the balance
  • Reward changes
    • Big focus on new player experience
    • Battles in novice - once you move out you will never fall back into it
    • We will set up bots to help players move through novice so they can get a feel for the game
    • Bronze - Adding messaging that players need to get cards to be successful
    • Lets players know why it is good to buy or rent cards
    • You can grow your account to get into higher leagues and grow even more
  • Season rentals
    • One click set rentals for an entire season
    • This will help new players see value
  • Replacement for the ECR system
    • Replacing with a more typical energy system
    • Every battle will take 1 Energy and you will have options to buy more
    • Simpler is better and less messy
    • No room for exploits
    • Very clear about how many battles you can play
    • Easier to understand
    • A more familiar system
    • Will cost more in Champion league than in Bronze league
    • Post about this will be in the next couple weeks
  • Land
    • Phase 1
    • We are on track for surveying by the end of March
    • Starter packages for land
  • Land 1.5
    • Out in Q2
    • Will be able to use land
    • Allow putting cards on land - limited spots
    • 5 worker spots on land
    • You will want your cards to be max level
    • Harvest resources
    • White paper will hopefully be released
    • Advantages for older edition cards and gold foil cards
    • Bonuses for Runi
    • Mining SPS (pending approval from a governance vote)
    • Secret of Praetoria - get a head start on the research
    • Titles will be introduced (King, Queen, etc.)
    • Can use Totems
    • DEC will need to be staked on land
  • Summoners vs Monsters on land
    • Current thinking is that it will not be required to have summoners on land
  • Gladiator and Soulbound cards
    • There's no reason that they can't work on land but they are more valuable in battles
  • Renting land or renting monsters for land
    • Renting out land will not be available for 1.5
    • It may be available at a later date
  • Guilds
    • Q2 for guild updates
    • Guild alliances - easier to add new changes to existing guilds instead of creating a brand new guild alliance structure
    • Adding new features to existing guilds
    • Adding new buildings

Marketing with Chatter

  • GDC
  • Partnerships - WASDER, exodus wallet, DappRadar, and many other being worked on
  • Tournaments - GameSpace (over 2000 new sign ups, over 100,000 unique views), potentially a few others + sponsors for tournaments
  • More organic SEO and discoverability plays with KapitalDAO, NFTy, Cointelegraph, etc
  • Coins.ph, kicking off some ad trial with them
  • Planning out some further marketing plays with NFTy arcade
  • GLX node sale + how it impacts SPS node license holders
  • Otherwise plugging away on some new initiatives, making sure the marketing funnel is as solid as it can be prior to our onboarding experience changes in the future, etc.

Brawlhalla with Weirdbeard

  • New Tournaments starting on Thursday
  • Gladiator Tournaments still Fridays at 3PM
  • Composition of frays - will get community feedback

Creative with Nate

Dual element summoner art placeholder idea

Energy bar

Region with geography colors

Survey boosts

Boosts for community voting

Possible Rebellion Frame

Splinterlands TV:

  • Clip of the Week
  • Townhall shoutouts:
    • luthientheturd
    • slowkarlz
    • walkthegrid
    • solving_chaos
    • walkthegrid (again)
    • xianlyn1
    • Bushwhack_

Get ready for Monster March! We're going to give you more chances to win and bigger prizes. Each streamer will be handing out up to 5 cards per stream, and each winner will have a chance at some incredible cards, including Legendary summoners, Alpha/Beta cards, and even a Gold Foil Scarred Llama Mage! There's going to be a healthy mix of gold cards included as well, so make sure you tune in to win on SplinterlandsTV in March!


⚡️ Q&A Summary ⚡️

  • Land
    • Overcombined cards won't have a bonus
    • Older editions/gold foil/Runi will have bonuses
    • Different elements will prefer different terrain types
  • SPS node software
    • We can't say what the exact rewards will be but it will be as cheap as possible to run the software - should not require much hardware
  • Economy
    • Pack sales are how we pay for our bills
    • But new packs are scheduled and the inflation isn't that much
    • Goal is to transition from a revenue model to an Asset appreciation model
    • It will be a slow process
  • Fomo Feb bot
    • We will not be implementeing a system to limit winners
    • The random number generator is as random as possible
    • We don't want to limit how many people can win
    • The bot is as fair as possible
    • Ron will share the way the bot works for transparency
  • Promo cards
    • Working on it
    • Hopefully in March
    • Want to do one promo card per quarter
  • Bots
    • Bots not being allowed in brawls and tournaments would be a great SPS governance proposal
  • Runi
    • Runi isn't planned to be rented like other cards
    • Must be rented through ethereum
  • News Tab
    • News tab inside the game is planned for the future
  • ECR recharge
    • You will only be able to recharge once per 24 hour period
  • New Player experience
    • Plan to integrate guild recruitment into the new player experience


🔥 Support Tutorial 🔥

How Do I Vote On SPS Governance Proposals?

  • Read the Support article above to better understand how to vote on the SPS Governance proposals
  • Access proposals on the SPS Proposal Page


Past Town Hall Summaries


Next Town Hall - Monday, March 6th, 8PM Eastern (1AM UTC)


Dual Summoners are a crazy idea, but i like it very much!


very good the new updates, and a good help for new players, I liked congratulations 😄


I like the Dual Summoners. However, for balance, they should only be able to play cards from both splinters, without neutral cards.


but there is a reason why soulbond cards should not work on land. just look at the amount of gold foil cards that are printed. i think they should only work for land when the are no longer soulbonded


Bots not being allowed in brawls and tournaments would be a great SPS governance proposal

Why not "Bots not being allowed in brawls, tournaments and ranked matches"?

As we are here, instead of pure "YES" or "NO" proposals I would suggest to implement brawls with several options.
In the case above that could mean at first to decide if bots should be allowed everywhere or not, and IF not, where exactly.


1 energy x hour, max 50 energy to full the bar, then PAY TO PLAY

thats ridicolous money milking


Once again, leaderboard players getting the shaft with ECR changes. You need to fix the rating system before you implement any changes to the ECR system.

This whole +0 to +3 rating per win and then -40 per loss is bs. Now you want a hard limit on the number of battles someone is allowed to play and then they have to pay play beyond that?

Legit seems like yet another money grab.

Fix the rating system before you start charging people to play more.

Every battle will take 1 Energy and you will have options to buy more

No room for exploits

Are you kidding me? An option to buy more is an exploit in and of itself 🤦‍♂


Buying more energy does just add another pay to play element. But as far as the rating system goes, I feel like every game that has player rating/MMR has the same phenomenon. It's hard to move up and easy to slide down. With that said, I've been in plenty of battles in SL where I got +40 rating because I successfully punch above my weight class. It's just not going to happen when you're at the top of the leaderboard.

I get that it's frustrating to win 10 battles in a row only getting +3 rating only to have it net out to 0 after losing the 11th. That makes it harder to stay on top, mixes up the leaderboard and cements those at the top as the best, most consistent players, however. I've come to the conclusion I am neither the best, nor consistent.


Very happy to read such a detailed recap! Thank you very much for the effort and for taking the time!

I don't know if we should vote for the visuals right now, but here are my preferences:

  • A2, B1, C2

Very excited to see the future version of the ERC coming !