Splinterlands Town Hall Summary - March 20th, 2023!


Town Hall Summary

  • Team Members:
    • Aggroed (Co-Founder & CEO)
    • Matt (C0-Founder & CPO)
    • Investygator (OPS Product Owner / Software Developer)
    • Joey (Narrative Lead)
    • r0n d0n (Splinterlands TV)
  • Recording:

  • Timestamps:

    • 00:35 - Team Introduction
    • 03:30 - Investygator
    • 15:55 - Land - Matt and Joey
    • 1:38:40 - Q&A


💥 Company Updates 💥

Words from Wizards/Tuesday Release Update: InvestyGator

New Energy System

The energy collection rate system has been revamped to a simpler model. For a full article about this change, you can find it here. To summarize, accounts now have a limit of 50 energy, regain 1 energy per hour, and each ranked battle above Novice league costs 1 energy.

To make it clear, playing in Novice league no longer costs energy.

All former calculations for rewards will treat the energy collection rate as always being 100%.

You can purchase up to 50 additional energy per day at a rate determined by the highest league that you are currently earning rewards for, based upon the following chart.

Vruz Promo Card Sale

A new promotional card, Vruz, will be on sale for users that have at least 1,000 SPS staked. For more details, you can read the full article here.

This is a common rarity Dragon card, which will cost 1 Voucher each. Users may only buy 1 cards per 1,000 SPS that they had actively staked during the maintenance period when this was released.

Soulkeep Closed Beta

The closed beta for Soulkeep, our upcoming tower defense game, is now accessible from the main menu.

Users that have purchased 500 or more Nightmare packs should be able to access the initial testing levels. For more details, you can see this article about the beta release.

General Updates

Splinterlands Battle Bots will now respond to Practice queue requests, though they only have starter cards at this time.

Fixed an issue with Referrals not populating properly on the Tech Modernization Registration page.

Added a link to the Non-Card Market from the sold out Chaos Legion pack page.

Items Hotfixed into the Game Prior to the Release

Fixed an issue with purchasing SPS/DEC through Transak.

Ancient Redwood, the Riftwatchers airdrop card for 1 million packs having been sold has been released. It should also now be available to be found in packs.

Just in time for Chaos Legion to be sold out, the nightly automated addition of Mavericks to the newer sl-mavs QA server has been fixed.

Words from Wizards/Land Update: Matt

The Secret of Praetoria Land Phase 1.5 Whitepaper

Praetoria consists of 150 distinct player-owned land regions which each consist of 1000 land plots. This leads to a total of 150,000 player-owned land plots in total. Those land plots are organized into 10 different tracts within each region and the regions are grouped into 7 different territories of between 20 and 22 regions each.

  • Phase 1.5 is MVP
  • We do plan to do more in phase 2
  • Things can also still change
  • If there are major issues then we will address them
  • The overall objective of land are new types of cards
    • Items and spell cards
    • People will craft these items and spells cards
    • Real world economy
    • The previous cards will help mint the new cards
  • Secret of Praetoria
    • There is an actual secret
    • It's an overarching theme for the whole expansion
    • There's a land rush for mining and harvesting that will involve clues
    • Put resources toward solving the clues
    • Clues will lead to instructions to build something
    • This is a long term project
    • Once it is constructed then it will reveal the secret
    • Everyone who contributes will benefit proportional to how much they contributed
  • Small adjustments to the map
    • We are adjusting it to make the regions within the territories more even
    • Minor redrawing of territory lines
    • All territories will have 20-22 regions
  • Surveying
    • 14 different terrain types
    • 7 different elements
    • 2 terrain types per element
  • Resource types
    • Natural
    • Magical
    • Occupied
  • Land plots will have Castles or Keeps
  • Starter packages
    • Building in a box
    • Time Vault
    • Unstable totems
    • You will be able to choose up to 3 of these starter packages
    • Main value of these packages will be in Phase 2
    • A way for people to get a head start
  • Staking Cards
    • 3 day cool down time
    • Can't be used in battles if they are being used on land
    • Massive new use case for cards
    • Summoners don't have a bonus because there are fewer summoners in the game
  • Power sources
    • What allows cards to physically manifest to work on land
    • Need to stake DEC
    • The core in the heart of Runi can also work as a power source
  • Staking DEC
    • Production level is proportional to how much you stake
    • This benefits everyone in the ecosystem
    • Land will be the first major utility for DEC but there is more to come
  • Production Points
    • Indication of how productive each of the cards are
    • Cards are workers on land that are producing things - all of that will be governed by the amount production points
    • If you want to produce more then you need more PP
  • Gladiator cards will not get a bonus for now
  • Terrain Preferences
    • It's a base production bonus
    • Not a boost
  • Production boosts
    • Land rarity
    • Magical and Occupied Land
    • Runi
    • Titles
    • Totems
  • Resource production - MVP
    • Farming grain
    • Mining sps
    • Researching the secret of Praetoria
  • Everything in the whitepaper will be implemented live before the end of Q2

Splinterlands TV:

  • Clip of the Week
  • Townhall shoutouts:
    • arutemia3
    • gamernova_sk
    • BruceGryllisGaming
    • jaybands111 solving_chaos
    • sec2raidr
    • canada804
    • mangomayhem9767
    • mhowiithescanner
    • draygyn
    • holdmycards
    • shikiphantom
    • luthientheturd
    • gamesworldtt

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🔥 Support Tutorial 🔥

How Do I Vote On SPS Governance Proposals?

  • Read the Support article above to better understand how to vote on the SPS Governance proposals
  • Access proposals on the SPS Proposal Page


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Next Town Hall - Monday, March 27th, 4PM Eastern (9PM UTC)


Lots of amazing announcements and updates the last weeks!

Ready to Survey my land plots!
Big thanks the whole Team for this amazing game!



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I think a link is missing in the Vruz Promo Card Sale section.


Such a cool town hall! Super excited to see what comes of the game with land introduction! #BigPP


When will Dec-B available for the guild building upgrade?