Splinterlands is a blockchain-based collectible card game. Collect digital assets, battle thousands of other players, and win crypto and other rewards!
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Curation reward: 0.265765 SPT for sev-7/share-your-battle-weekly-challenge
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Author reward: 0.000001 SPT for splinterlands/share-your-battle-weekly-challenge-wave-runner
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Curation reward: 47.574606 SPT for m3ss/re-splinterlands-qz1d36
Received delegation of 0.000008 SPT from tub3r02
Transferred 311172 SPT to sps.dao
Transferred 191805 SPT to sps.dao
Transferred 315960 SPT to sps.dao
Transferred 10 SPT to spt-nft {"action":"mint","name":"Dragon Team","collection":"Alpha Collection","rights":1,"editions":5,"nsfw":false,"type":"video","thumbnail":"https://cdn.tribaldex.com/marketplace/splintertalk/QmT7RbbcFZDtsHGLqHMA99tZkB1mHQ8phWtKyUFRJ1vjQ5.mp4","file":"https://cdn.tribaldex.com/marketplace/splintertalk/QmT7RbbcFZDtsHGLqHMA99tZkB1mHQ8phWtKyUFRJ1vjQ5.mp4","tags":["splinterlands","alpha","dragon"],"description":"Selenia Sky and her Dragons make for a fearsome sight. If you came looking for trouble then fortune is upon you for you've found all of it. Gold Dragon prepares his magic and the Lightning dragon prepares his vicious ranged attacks. You are likely dead upon arrival, but at least you got to witness it once in your life."}
Transferred 321501 SPT to sps.dao
Transferred 15 SPT to spt-nft {"action":"mint","name":"Death Team","collection":"Alpha Collection","rights":1,"editions":10,"nsfw":false,"type":"video","thumbnail":"https://cdn.tribaldex.com/marketplace/splintertalk/QmYKNUGa7Vv2HSN61oTNNXLUk6xMvJ5AxfG7VVG24uNnWR.mp4","file":"https://cdn.tribaldex.com/marketplace/splintertalk/QmYKNUGa7Vv2HSN61oTNNXLUk6xMvJ5AxfG7VVG24uNnWR.mp4","tags":["splinterlands","alpha","death"],"description":"From up high Zintar Mortalis mocks you and your foolish attempts to block his path. His animated corpse hungrily approaches you. The Twisted Jester cackles with insanity. The skeleton assassin's blades drip with poison as his cold dead eyes stare you down. In the back... the hulking menace... the dread and doom fills your heart...the Lord of Darkness rises and is is coming for your soul."}
Transferred 180485 SPT to sps.dao
Transferred 15 SPT to spt-nft {"action":"mint","name":"Earth Team","collection":"Alpha Collection","rights":1,"editions":10,"nsfw":false,"type":"video","thumbnail":"https://cdn.tribaldex.com/marketplace/splintertalk/QmPiS6XyPn7mwFjwiBDYUPHJuvk2surk6NjspsaupSGDt1.mp4","file":"https://cdn.tribaldex.com/marketplace/splintertalk/QmPiS6XyPn7mwFjwiBDYUPHJuvk2surk6NjspsaupSGDt1.mp4","tags":["splinterlands","alpha","earth"],"description":"Lead by Lyanna the earth team brings savage mayhem to the arena. From the Stonesplitter Orc as the lead tank, to the goblin sorcerer slapping magic damage across your team, and of course the spirit of the forest healing, protecting, and dodging her way to victory. The Alpha Team harkens back to a day many moons ago where the Splinterlands were small and our world was preparing for many changes and new friends."}
Transferred 229695 SPT to sps.dao
Transferred 15 SPT to spt-nft {"action":"mint","name":"Fire Team","collection":"Alpha Collection","rights":1,"editions":10,"nsfw":false,"type":"video","thumbnail":"https://cdn.tribaldex.com/marketplace/splintertalk/QmRMuzokZQPPbpA97xszwUcWqLxLcQycgrmJ2q1zXDXruC.mp4","file":"https://cdn.tribaldex.com/marketplace/splintertalk/QmRMuzokZQPPbpA97xszwUcWqLxLcQycgrmJ2q1zXDXruC.mp4","tags":["splinterlands","alpha","fire"],"description":"Behold the true power of the fire team. Malric brings forth his mighty monsters. The Serpent of the flame in front backed by the fire demon and truly awesome elemental phoenix Battle tested. Battle hardened. Battle Elites! The Alpha FIre Team is not one you ever want to face in the arena."}
Transferred 110295 SPT to sps.dao
Transferred 133950 SPT to sps.dao
Transferred 118260 SPT to sps.dao
Transferred 15 SPT to spt-nft {"action":"mint","name":"Life Team","collection":"Alpha Collection","rights":1,"editions":10,"nsfw":false,"type":"video","thumbnail":"https://cdn.tribaldex.com/marketplace/splintertalk/QmRbUv21g2yYWCxVvwPGwBBkyyGBD5xqx63Ufj4hmgf9PW.mp4","file":"https://cdn.tribaldex.com/marketplace/splintertalk/QmRbUv21g2yYWCxVvwPGwBBkyyGBD5xqx63Ufj4hmgf9PW.mp4","tags":["splinterlands","alpha","life"],"description":"Led by Tyrus the Life team depicted here is ready to bring to bear melee attacks galore and simply refuse to die. Enjoy the stun. Enjoy the reflected magic. Enjoy the sneak. And if you happen to possibly bring one of them down despite all the healing... enjoy the resurrection. The alpha cards are living legends in the game. Much rare. Gold foil wow. Such early. Enjoy this tribute to the early game and praise your nearest alpha holder as the diamond handed stud they are."}
Transferred 145065 SPT to sps.dao
Transferred 143380 SPT to sps.dao
Transferred 15 SPT to spt-nft {"action":"mint","name":"Water Team","collection":"Alpha Collection","rights":1,"editions":10,"nsfw":false,"type":"video","thumbnail":"https://cdn.tribaldex.com/marketplace/splintertalk/QmXuTR9RbSzCDGTbiy3zr1sY9vtWNYmmZUss1BuVhXzQAG.mp4","file":"https://cdn.tribaldex.com/marketplace/splintertalk/QmXuTR9RbSzCDGTbiy3zr1sY9vtWNYmmZUss1BuVhXzQAG.mp4","tags":["splinterlands","alpha","water"],"description":"Sit back there and let me tell you a story of the olden' times. Many moons ago, this is before you even started Splinterlands or had even heard of it, there were only Alpha cards. Players would have to build their teams strictly from a handful of available summoners and monsters. Yes, it was before Untamed, Chaos Legion, Orbs, Dice, and Beta too. If you remember these days you were truly one of the first pioneers of the game. This series is meant to celebrate you."}
Transferred 1005 SPT to spt-nft {"action":"mint","name":"Elemental Secrets","collection":"Splinterlands Collectibles","rights":1,"editions":1000,"nsfw":false,"type":"video","thumbnail":"https://cdn.tribaldex.com/marketplace/splintertalk/QmYhYTQogxyRAK2VwQGELpZb143QMUJfSXXA3SprXA4M9k.mp4","file":"https://cdn.tribaldex.com/marketplace/splintertalk/QmYhYTQogxyRAK2VwQGELpZb143QMUJfSXXA3SprXA4M9k.mp4","tags":["splinterlands","livestream"],"description":"The great Elemental Secrets of the Splinterlands have been placed deep inside the Codex and brought forth through many avenues. If you'd like to learn about the elements and secrets of the world it's best to spend your time studying, learning, watching, and practicing. You too will become one of the greats!"}
Transferred 164683 SPT to sps.dao
Transferred 59329 SPT to sps.dao
Transferred 210000 SPT to sps.dao
Transferred 1000000 SPT to sps.dao
Transferred 1005 SPT to spt-nft {"action":"mint","name":"Feeling Lucky?","collection":"Splinterlands Collectibles","rights":1,"editions":1000,"nsfw":false,"type":"video","thumbnail":"https://cdn.tribaldex.com/marketplace/splintertalk/QmZL6JNswboLdxPYqeEd2vxpuJXa1CFtcQRMsS946qmbD4.mp4","file":"https://cdn.tribaldex.com/marketplace/splintertalk/QmZL6JNswboLdxPYqeEd2vxpuJXa1CFtcQRMsS946qmbD4.mp4","tags":["splinterlands","dice","promocards"],"description":"So... you were the one who bought all my DICE? Welcome welcome! So glad to have you here. Have you opened them though? Do you know what's inside? I hear there are treasures.. Golden treasures. Fortunes have been made. Lives changed! Are you going to open yours? Are you feeling lucky?"}
Transferred 625000 SPT to spswhale
Transferred 10 SPT to spt-nft {"action":"mint","name":"Orbs of Essence","collection":"Splinterlands Collectibles","rights":1,"editions":5,"nsfw":false,"type":"video","thumbnail":"https://cdn.tribaldex.com/marketplace/splintertalk/QmauVt3fivWCrCSDqFcDJaMKYVD9jgUUMngeqM8djVph9Z.mp4","file":"https://cdn.tribaldex.com/marketplace/splintertalk/QmauVt3fivWCrCSDqFcDJaMKYVD9jgUUMngeqM8djVph9Z.mp4","tags":["splinterlands","orb","essence"],"description":"Welcome traveler. I see you've come from far away, and that is well and good. For I have what you and many others seek. I have captured the very essence of the land, of mana, and of magic. I hold them here in these orbs. These orbs are not for everyone. These are for the trusted few. They are precious to me, but you friend may be just the one to take them home. Why don't you come in and warm yourself by the fire and we can't swap stories of travels? Tell me hero... what will you do with them?"}
Transferred 25 SPT to spt-nft {"action":"mint","name":"Prove your Worth","collection":"Splinterlands Collectibles","rights":1,"editions":20,"nsfw":false,"type":"video","thumbnail":"https://cdn.tribaldex.com/marketplace/splintertalk/QmSy6LqKENXQQ6J4zQGXGy4XwSQuLQyXVxVBdxzfnr891P.mp4","file":"https://cdn.tribaldex.com/marketplace/splintertalk/QmSy6LqKENXQQ6J4zQGXGy4XwSQuLQyXVxVBdxzfnr891P.mp4","tags":["splinterlands"],"description":"The arena is a deadly place. The crowd can be as unforgiving as your opponent. You must battle your way to glory, riches, and build your legacy. This journey starts here. This journey starts today. Today, you prove your worth!"}
Transferred 80 SPT to spt-nft {"action":"mint","name":"The Good Stuff","collection":"Splinterlands Collectibles","rights":1,"editions":75,"nsfw":false,"type":"video","thumbnail":"https://cdn.tribaldex.com/marketplace/splintertalk/Qma78Q3LziyEAEM7mXjBHzou7evorjRD7xGNgmr3M4WthK.mp4","file":"https://cdn.tribaldex.com/marketplace/splintertalk/Qma78Q3LziyEAEM7mXjBHzou7evorjRD7xGNgmr3M4WthK.mp4","tags":["splinterlands"],"description":"You want potions? You want power? You want strength? You want fame? You want fortune? Well, it all starts with the Good Stuff. And that's what I've got right here. The good stuff! So, come on in, and let's get you powered up enough to battle your way to fame, fortune, and glory. The arena isn't gonna defeat itself you know..."}
Transferred 35 SPT to spt-nft {"action":"mint","name":"Head to Head","collection":"Splinterlands Collectibles","rights":1,"editions":30,"nsfw":false,"type":"video","thumbnail":"https://cdn.tribaldex.com/marketplace/splintertalk/QmUxQdtHfSyZxCSBFdw4Bcgdhkx7X6i7mppPcxMNpeGzU2.mp4","file":"https://cdn.tribaldex.com/marketplace/splintertalk/QmUxQdtHfSyZxCSBFdw4Bcgdhkx7X6i7mppPcxMNpeGzU2.mp4","tags":["splinterlands"],"description":"In the Splinterlands monsters, summoners, battle mages, great wizards, and all manner of creature come face-to-face and battle for glory, riches, and fame. Unleash your inner warrior and hear the arena call your name in a booming voice. History awaits you... will you rise to meet it?"}
Transferred 105 SPT to spt-nft {"action":"mint","name":"The UNTAMED jungle","collection":"Splinterlands Collectibles","rights":1,"editions":100,"nsfw":false,"type":"video","thumbnail":"https://cdn.tribaldex.com/marketplace/splintertalk/QmWHhTqy7JP5wkWnmZxWu1sMAJmKsL4hb66zYZBEg8p4ij.mp4","file":"https://cdn.tribaldex.com/marketplace/splintertalk/QmWHhTqy7JP5wkWnmZxWu1sMAJmKsL4hb66zYZBEg8p4ij.mp4","tags":["splinterlands","untamed"],"description":"Splinterlands is happy to launch our first collectible NFTs on Splintertalk.io. You now have the ability to collect precious moments and history as the Splinterlands evolves. The UNTAMED Jungle is a prehistoric landscape imbued with raw energy and power. Can you survive as the monsters surround you, storms rain down upon you, and it all comes howling alive?"}
thahodler undelegated 2000 SPT
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