Splintertools Legendary Card Giveaway! // Introducing battle challenges. Build and share teams to counter decks!


Hey Splinterlands players!

We're back with another give away for the new Green Legendary Djinn Biljka!

Djinn Biljka

Rules of the giveaway will be at the end of the post!

If you haven't heard of Splintertools, take a look at our previous post. Splintertools allows you to build counters and test out different decks!

Creating a battle challenge

To create a battle challenge, or if you just want to help finding a counter to a deck using your cards.

  • Visit Splintertools.io and type in your username
  • Find a battle where you lost or a battle against an interesting team you want to challenge
  • Click the share icon button to copy a shareable url

Battle History

Share Battle

Solving a battle challenge

  • Build a team and click the battle button
  • Try to get a good win rate!
  • Click the share icon button when you have a good deck
  • Share the link with others

Try it yourself!

  • Try to beat the LLama Kron duo using @bubke's cards! Link to challenge
  • Or find a battle where you lost and get a win percent above 80!
  • Post a link to your answer in the comments to enter the giveaway

Future battle challenge goals

  • Add the ability to create the enemy team yourself

Giveaway rules

  • Do ONE of the following
    • Solve the Llama Kron challenge from the Try it yourself section
    • Find a battle that you lost and solve it
    • Link a battle that you need help solving
  • AND Comment below, sharing your link to your solved battle or a link to your own battle challenge!
  • Include your Splinterlands username in your comment if it's different from your Hive username
  • Your account must have a spell book
  • Winner will be chosen randomly by a random comment picker
  • Winner will be announced in 7 days from this posting

Let us know what other features you would like to see added from Splintertools!

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Very swesome tool for retrospective reflection and pondering..

This battle bummed me out and I believe I misplaced the chicken big time. That was at least part of the issue I see in the below solution:

A win out of a loss

Thank you, :)


I was surprised to see a holy magic team. If I had know... I had the perfect anti mana holy team. :)
Anyway, sent a few Hive your way, as I really value your project!

BTW, Didn't you mention in the previous post, that you will give away a new water legendary Djinn Oshannus? Not, that I want to complain about your giveaway, I would love to win a price.


And a !PIZZA for good measure :)


🎉 @liquid-miracle 🎉is the winner of this giveaway.

Thank you all for participating!
Stay tuned for an announcement at the end of next week with another giveaway!