The power of Nature - Earth Splinter review

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If you read my post about Nightmare you probably know that I'm a big Magic The Gathering fan and while I'm aware that it's very different from Splinterlands I can't help myself but make analogies between these two awesome games!

I really think Splinterlands will be the MTG of play to earn but enough about that. Let's get to the point.

I just made this introduction because I'm starting this series where I'll go over my impressions about each of the Splinters and, sometimes, I might do a comparison to MTG colours since that seems to be what inspired the Splinters in Splinterlands

For no particular reason, I decided to start with the Earth Splinter but I have the intention of going over all of them in the future.


The Earth Splinter

The Earth Splinter, sometimes referred to as The Green Splinter (for obvious reasons) is represented by a green leaf which is clear evidence of what this Splinter is all about.

As its name evokes, the Earth Splinter is intimately connected to nature. That becomes even clearer when we take a look at the cards that are in this Splinter.

earth cards 1.png

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As we can see, there are a few odd monsters that don't seem to fit quite well in the bunch but, in general, they are mostly animals, earth elementals, ent-like creatures and even mushrooms.

Even the humans, who are present (I think) in all splinters have a deeper connection to nature. They are mostly clan members, shamans, druids and things like that.

Again, because of my MTG "heritage", I was expecting to see big bulky creatures packing a lot of punch and I was not disappointed!

To me, the Unicorn Mustang is a good example of that

unicorn mustang.png

A high HP and melee damage makes him a great monster for that first position where the pounding is done. This is a powerhouse that made me win and lose countless matches!

This guy was an important piece in one of the counters to the ruthless Water Splinter magic combo, which I'll cover in a future post.

Another example is the Nectar Queen

nectar queen.png

It has similar stats, but very different abilities making it a whole different monster.

A friend delegated this to me when I first started and I wreaked havoc with it in the lower leagues! This thing can be devastating in the earthquake ruleset, thanks to its flying ability.

But while there are plenty of high melee monsters with high damage and health points, this is not the only thing that Earth has to offer.

Chaos Legion brought some new firepower to this splinter with cards such as Obsidian, the new summoner, and monsters like Goblin Psychic, Mycelic Slipspawn, and Queen Mycelia made this splinter one of the favourites of magic users.

earth magic.png

But even before Chaos Legion the Earth Splinter already had a few great tricks up its sleeve. How to forget the dreaded LLama - Kron combo?!

llama kron.png

Of course, as with everything in the game, it's perfectly possible to counter this setup, but that doesn't mean it's easy. Depending on the league you were playing, having these guys on your side of the battlefield often meant a guaranteed victory!

And last, but not least, we must not forget about the one and only Mylor Crowling!


If I'm being honest, I'm not a huge fan of Mylor's but he has his value, that's undeniable. I'm not sure if he's seeing as many games at the moment but he used to be one of the main starting strategies for new players. That thorns ability can do quite the damage on your opponent's monsters!


Final thoughts

The Earth Splinter is not my favourite to play but even I must admit it's a force to be reckoned with. It is relatively flexible which allows it to be used in many different situations and Chaos Legion really boosted up its magic arsenal. It's not a surprise that many players feel this is the stronger splinter in the current expansion.

Would you like to try the power of The Earth Splinter yourself? Then hurry up and join the great game that is Splinterlands!

That's it for now, everyone! I hope you enjoyed this quick review of the Earth Splinter. Let me know in the comments which splinter I should do next!

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Very nice job with the art of this Earth Logo!


Good writeup. Informative and helpful. Sharing this on Splinterlands Digest Twitter.