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Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
SPT can be converted to SPT POWER in a process called staking.
SPT Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
HIVE can be converted to HIVE POWER in a process called staking.
HIVE Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
-100.973 HIVE
HIVE Dollar
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Curation reward: 0.000651 SPT for lenonmc21/por-que-es-tan-importante
Curation reward: 0.000814 SPT for chopiliart/coastal-sentry-or-splinterlands-art-contest
Curation reward: 0.000392 SPT for luizeba/splinterlands-pt-br-analise-summoner
Curation reward: 0.000730 SPT for solumviz/fire-caller-art-for-splinterlands-art-contest
Curation reward: 0.000601 SPT for mango-juice/why-you-should-start-playing-splinterlands-brawls-right-now
Curation reward: 0.000644 SPT for jordangerder/splinterlands-art-contest-naga-warrior-fanart
Curation reward: 0.002804 SPT for alexa.art/splinterlands-art-contest-or-ilthain
Curation reward: 0.000387 SPT for reeta0119/sps-stake-promotion-card-my-strategy
Curation reward: 0.000628 SPT for underlock/prepare-your-sps-splinterlands
Curation reward: 0.009231 SPT for splinterlands/splinterlands-town-hall-summary-march-20th-2023
Curation reward: 0.000311 SPT for ydavgonzalez/battle-mage-secrets-aimless-la-aleatorizacion-de-los-ataques-magicos-y-a-distancia
Curation reward: 0.000321 SPT for vempromundo/pbcbstpl
Curation reward: 0.000339 SPT for blitzzzz/splinterlands-battle-mage-secrets-weekly-challenge-aimless-dont-aim-just-shoot-and-hit-something-anything-at-all
Curation reward: 0.000360 SPT for sidekickmatt/splinterlands-art-contest-week-233-elven-defender
Curation reward: 0.001147 SPT for demon19/introductory-post-who-is-demon19
Curation reward: 0.000313 SPT for anif1908/aimless-the-is-nowhere-to-hide
Curation reward: 0.000355 SPT for lorentm/lily-shieldpaw-scandalous-style
Curation reward: 0.000409 SPT for sergionatera/scattershot
Curation reward: 0.000596 SPT for cieliss/mi-desempeno-y-recompensas-en
Curation reward: 0.000574 SPT for bdvoter.cur/bdvoter-daily-hive-showcase-324
Curation reward: 0.016965 SPT for splinterlands/splinterlands-art-contest-week-233
Curation reward: 0.000319 SPT for anif1908/amazing-battle-defeat-scarred-llama-mage
Curation reward: 0.001030 SPT for michupa/cool-battle-undermining-the-enemy
Curation reward: 0.000550 SPT for oscurocactus/splinterlands-art-contest-week-233-or-coastal-nymph-jesber-s-version-eng-esp
Curation reward: 0.000561 SPT for rehan12/license-passive-income-generator
Curation reward: 0.000555 SPT for alokkumar121/lands-in-splinterlands-going-to-be-game-changer
Curation reward: 0.000299 SPT for queen-silvia/battle-strategy-2--aimless--blast-is-a-deadly-combo-giveaway-74-rune-crafter
Curation reward: 0.000354 SPT for eijibr/battle-mage-secrets-weekly-challenge-aimless
Curation reward: 0.001139 SPT for theacks/pizza-guild-brawl-report-12-move-over-chaos-riftwatchers-takes-center-stage
Curation reward: 0.000284 SPT for rtonline/battle-mage-secrets-weekly-challenge-aimless-or-splinterlands
Curation reward: 0.000574 SPT for bdvoter.cur/bdvoter-daily-hive-showcase-323
Curation reward: 0.000318 SPT for michupa/battle-mage-secrets-aimless-pt
Curation reward: 0.006957 SPT for splinterlands/ancient-redwood-lore
Curation reward: 0.002302 SPT for brataka/splinterlands-art-contest-week-232-sola-ranjell
Curation reward: 0.002250 SPT for catrynart/elemental-phoenix-splinterlands-art-contest-spt-w-232
Curation reward: 0.001672 SPT for underlock/learn-how-to-use-your-lands-splinterlands
Curation reward: 0.000589 SPT for libertycrypto27/a-first-reading-of-splinterlands-lands-whitepaper-and-some-initial-thoughts-engita
Curation reward: 0.000326 SPT for elderdark/en-pt-battle-mage-secret
Curation reward: 0.000303 SPT for victartex/splinterlands-doctor-blight-art-contest
Curation reward: 0.000347 SPT for queen-silvia/tips-and-tricks-for-brawl-cleansweep-and-top-10-leaderboard-plus-giveaway-73
Curation reward: 0.000350 SPT for kheldar1982/deen-my-road-to-financial-freedom-step-by-step-through-gaming-and-investing-in-crypto-24-28022023
Curation reward: 0.000376 SPT for mvl2304/esp-eng-demostrando-el-verdadero-potencial-de-aimless
Curation reward: 0.000303 SPT for bronkong/the-cruellest-summoner-art-contest
Curation reward: 0.000433 SPT for afa.hb03/esp-eng-audreysplinterlands-art-contestweek-232-by-afahb03
Curation reward: 0.000331 SPT for poplar-22/aimless-theme-battle-mage-secrets
Curation reward: 0.000334 SPT for eliaschess333/un-aimless-que-hace-fracasar-mi-estrategia-de-taunt-en-la-primera-posicion-el-scattershot-vulnera-al-taunt
Curation reward: 0.000581 SPT for mango-juice/meet-vruz-the-upcoming-promo-card-sale-based-on-staked-sps
Curation reward: 0.000301 SPT for sanjeev021/quest-reward-death-summoner-splinterlands-deadly-reward
Curation reward: 0.005056 SPT for splinterlands/soulkeep-closed-beta
Curation reward: 0.000382 SPT for bechibenner/my-splinterlandsblog-season-end-and-8d0bab3c856da
Staked 1.157216 SPT to thaddeusprime
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Completed unstake of 472.918487 SPT
Completed unstake of 472.918487 SPT
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