The Day Before Splinterlands Mega Raffle Record Keeping


Sorting out all the Mega Raffle Entries...

Livestream Entries

These will be given out tomorrow...
MegaRaffle will be held on February 1, 2022 at 12pm CST.

Twitter Entries

We had 208 entries. Twitter User @bambusabdula won a single raffle ticket.



Likes & Comments

We had 70 entries. Winner for single raffle ticket will be drawn in livestream.



We had 48 entries. Winner for single raffle ticket will be drawn in livestream.



Raffle Tickets

NewBoost v.R.1
NewBoost v.R.2
NewBoost v.R.3
NewBoost v.R.4
NewBoost v.R.5
NewBoost v.R.6
NewBoost v.R.7
NewBoost v.R.8
NewBoost v.R.9
NewBoost v.R.10
NewBoost v.10.1
NewBoost v.10.2
NewBoost v.10.3
NewBoost v.10.4
NewBoost v.10.5
NewBoost v.10.6
NewBoost v.10.7
NewBoost v.10.8
NewBoost v.10.9
NewBoost v.10.10
NewBoost v.10.11
NewBoost v.10.12
NewBoost v.10.13
NewBoost v.10.14
NewBoost v.10.15
NewBoost v.10.16
NewBoost v.10.17
NewBoost v.10.18
NewBoost v.10.19
NewBoost v.10.20
NewBoost v.10.21
NewBoost v.10.22
NewBoost v.10.23
NewBoost v.10.24
NewBoost v.10.25
NewBoost v.10.26
NewBoost v.10.27
NewBoost v.10.28
NewBoost v.10.29
NewBoost v.9.1
NewBoost v.9.2
NewBoost v.9.3
NewBoost v.9.4
NewBoost v.9.5
NewBoost v.9.6
NewBoost v.9.7
NewBoost v.9.8
NewBoost v.9.9
NewBoost v.9.10
NewBoost v.9.11
NewBoost v.9.12
NewBoost v.9.13
NewBoost v.9.14
NewBoost v.9.15
NewBoost v.9.16
NewBoost v.9.17
NewBoost v.9.18
NewBoost v.9.19
NewBoost v.9.20
NewBoost v.9.21
NewBoost v.9.22
NewBoost v.8.1
NewBoost v.8.2
NewBoost v.8.3
NewBoost v.8.4
NewBoost v.8.5
NewBoost v.8.6
NewBoost v.8.7
NewBoost v.8.8
NewBoost v.8.9
NewBoost v.8.10
NewBoost v.8.11
NewBoost v.8.12
NewBoost v.8.13
NewBoost v.8.14
NewBoost v.8.15
NewBoost v.8.16
NewBoost v.8.17
NewBoost v.8.18
NewBoost v.7.1
NewBoost v.7.2
NewBoost v.7.3
NewBoost v.7.4
NewBoost v.7.5
NewBoost v.7.6
NewBoost v.7.7
NewBoost v.7.8
NewBoost v.7.9
NewBoost v.7.10
NewBoost v.7.11
NewBoost v.7.12
NewBoost v.7.13
NewBoost v.7.14
NewBoost v.7.15
NewBoost v.7.16
NewBoost v.6.1
NewBoost v.6.2
NewBoost v.6.3
NewBoost v.6.4
NewBoost v.6.5
NewBoost v.6.6
NewBoost v.6.7
NewBoost v.6.8
NewBoost v.6.9
NewBoost v.6.10
NewBoost v.6.11
NewBoost v.6.12
NewBoost v.5.1
NewBoost v.5.2
NewBoost v.5.3
NewBoost v.5.4
NewBoost v.5.5
NewBoost v.5.6
NewBoost v.5.7
NewBoost v.5.8
NewBoost v.5.9
NewBoost v.5.10
NewBoost v.5.11
NewBoost v.5.12
NewBoost v.5.13
NewBoost v.5.14
NewBoost v.5.15
NewBoost v.5.16
NewBoost v.4.1
NewBoost v.4.2
NewBoost v.4.3
NewBoost v.4.4
NewBoost v.4.5
NewBoost v.4.6
NewBoost v.4.7
NewBoost v.4.8
NewBoost v.4.9
NewBoost v.4.10
NewBoost v.4.11
NewBoost v.4.12
NewBoost v.4.13
NewBoost v.4.14
NewBoost v.4.15
NewBoost v.3.1
NewBoost v.3.2
NewBoost v.3.3
NewBoost v.3.4
NewBoost v.3.5
NewBoost v.3.6
NewBoost v.3.7
NewBoost v.3.8
NewBoost v.3.9
NewBoost v.3.10
NewBoost v.3.11
NewBoost v.2.1
NewBoost v.2.2
NewBoost v.2.3
NewBoost v.2.4
NewBoost v.2.5
NewBoost v.2.6
NewBoost v.2.7
NewBoost v.2.8
NewBoost v.2.9
NewBoost v.2.10
NewBoost v.2.11
NewBoost v.2.12
NewBoost v.2.13
NewBoost v.2.14
NewBoost v.2.15
NewBoost v.2.16
NewBoost v.2.17
NewBoost v.2.18
NewBoost v.2.19
NewBoost v.2.20
NewBoost v.2.21
NewBoost v.2.22
NewBoost v.1.1
NewBoost v.1.2
NewBoost v.1.3
NewBoost v.1.4
NewBoost v.1.5
NewBoost v.1.6
NewBoost v.1.7
NewBoost v.1.8
NewBoost v.1.9


So pumped for this! 🔥

I think you tagged the wrong torran under "Likes & Comments" though 😆


Do the winners need to be present during the stream? I’m not sure I can make it because I’m be with my newborn. Thanks.


Good luck! 19:00 if you're in the EU.


I was in and out of the stream, so I didn’t catch the bulk of it. Congrats to the winners. Sounds like you were getting some flack. Sorry to hear it. It was an awfully generous giveaway!