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Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
SPT can be converted to SPT POWER in a process called staking.
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Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
HIVE can be converted to HIVE POWER in a process called staking.
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Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
-320.878 HIVE
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Author reward: 27.827449 SPT for weisheng167388/re-wilhb81-2023523t2354482z
Author reward: 26.702255 SPT for weisheng167388/re-wilhb81-2023517t19204233z
Author reward: 25.343837 SPT for weisheng167388/re-wilhb81-202356t114016613z
Author reward: 27.176931 SPT for weisheng167388/re-wilhb81-2023423t161354z
Author reward: 27.435377 SPT for weisheng167388/re-wilhb81-2023415t11327292z
Author reward: 27.586426 SPT for weisheng167388/re-wilhb81-202348t16531308z
Author reward: 27.159603 SPT for weisheng167388/re-wilhb81-202341t17134207z
Author reward: 26.292229 SPT for weisheng167388/re-wilhb81-2023325t102824730z
Author reward: 28.365432 SPT for weisheng167388/re-wilhb81-2023318t153734950z
Author reward: 28.132399 SPT for weisheng167388/re-wilhb81-2023318t121839764z
Author reward: 29.035379 SPT for weisheng167388/re-wilhb81-2023311t132222z
Author reward: 29.664789 SPT for weisheng167388/re-wilhb81-2023226t115419439z
Author reward: 29.981339 SPT for weisheng167388/re-wilhb81-2023225t17916126z
Author reward: 31.961024 SPT for weisheng167388/re-wilhb81-2023218t16027404z
Author reward: 27.646517 SPT for weisheng167388/re-wilhb81-2023211t161553722z
Author reward: 30.071449 SPT for weisheng167388/re-wilhb81-202324t204858290z
Author reward: 32.907905 SPT for weisheng167388/re-wilhb81-2023114t20359291z
Author reward: 33.796119 SPT for weisheng167388/re-wilhb81-2023114t14481590z
Author reward: 32.982919 SPT for weisheng167388/re-wilhb81-20221231t141446390z
Author reward: 8.686885 SPT for weisheng167388/re-wilhb81-20221224t124429577z
Author reward: 8.685555 SPT for weisheng167388/re-wilhb81-20221217t195714928z
Author reward: 9.467959 SPT for weisheng167388/re-wilhb81-20221210t17354936z
Author reward: 10.308890 SPT for weisheng167388/re-wilhb81-2022123t121350894z
Author reward: 9.035455 SPT for weisheng167388/re-wilhb81-20221126t13402193z
Author reward: 32.815011 SPT for weisheng167388/re-wilhb81-20221119t173057151z
Author reward: 31.358274 SPT for weisheng167388/re-wilhb81-20221112t13213162z
Author reward: 32.237069 SPT for weisheng167388/re-wilhb81-2022115t122135972z
Author reward: 32.083301 SPT for weisheng167388/re-wilhb81-20221029t121717927z
Author reward: 32.534410 SPT for weisheng167388/re-wilhb81-20221022t145949456z
Author reward: 7.657941 SPT for weisheng167388/re-wilhb81-20221015t115733137z
Author reward: 30.714639 SPT for weisheng167388/re-wilhb81-2022108t142932887z
Author reward: 30.511404 SPT for weisheng167388/re-wilhb81-2022101t161654692z
Author reward: 30.012827 SPT for weisheng167388/re-wilhb81-2022101t122029693z
Author reward: 30.636741 SPT for weisheng167388/re-wilhb81-2022926t144624991z
Author reward: 31.335500 SPT for weisheng167388/re-wilhb81-2022926t62328482z
Author reward: 30.415011 SPT for weisheng167388/re-wilhb81-2022918t14334657z
Author reward: 29.901090 SPT for weisheng167388/re-wilhb81-202294t135628455z
Author reward: 30.237881 SPT for weisheng167388/re-wilhb81-202294t13040382z
Author reward: 31.115817 SPT for weisheng167388/re-wilhb81-2022827t15417207z
Author reward: 31.174339 SPT for weisheng167388/re-wilhb81-2022827t13529944z
Author reward: 6.790219 SPT for weisheng167388/re-wilhb81-2022813t123148762z
Author reward: 6.791411 SPT for weisheng167388/re-wilhb81-202286t125252233z
Completed unstake of 21.624797 SPT
Author reward: 7.161072 SPT for weisheng167388/re-wilhb81-2022730t141910966z
Completed unstake of 21.624794 SPT
Curation reward: 0.003561 SPT for wilhb81/rfgi5e
Completed unstake of 21.624794 SPT
Author reward: 7.365323 SPT for weisheng167388/re-wilhb81-2022716t123932309z
Curation reward: 0.002745 SPT for wilhb81/splinterlands-untamed-snipe-cny
Completed unstake of 21.624794 SPT
Author reward: 7.303459 SPT for weisheng167388/re-wilhb81-202279t12321495z
Curation reward: 0.004210 SPT for travelgirl/new-cards-upgraded-for-splinterlands
Started unstake of 86.499179 SPT
Author reward: 7.649169 SPT for weisheng167388/re-wilhb81-202272t13122717z
Author reward: 32.283136 SPT for weisheng167388/re-wilhb81-2022628t142025108z
Staked 8.062838 SPT to weisheng167388
Staked 78.436341 SPT to weisheng167388