WOO offers 200k WOObucks ($2k) to users, content creators, and communities!


Exclusive Zealy Event: Calling All Content Creators and Community Leaders!

From today until July 4th, we have some exciting news for all the content creators and community leaders out there! We are offering additional incentives for you to join our upcoming Wrestling Organization Online WOO Crate event and engage your communities like never before.

How to Participate

To participate in this exclusive event, content creators and community leaders must follow these simple steps:

  1. Create and Share: Write a post, create a video, or go live in your stream, and issue a call to action urging your community to join the WOO event. Make sure to include a link to this post in your video description/comments or in your livestream chat.
  2. Notify Us: Comment on this post, stating how you would like to participate, and provide a link back to your post, video, or livestream.
  3. Join Our Discord: Join our Discord community at https://discord.gg/woogame and open a support ticket to provide us with the necessary information.

Please note that content creators and community leaders must finalize their participation by 11 pm EST on July 3rd to ensure eligibility for their communities.


Why Communities Should Join

By participating in this event, communities will have the chance to win from two exciting prize pools, each consisting of 100k WOObucks!

  • The first prize pool is dedicated to content creators and community leaders. Each user who joins the event will choose which community they are a part of, and the user who takes 1st place on the Zealy Leaderboard will win 100k WOObucks for the content creator or community leader's account. This substantial prize will allow the community to guarantee their place in the Legendary Tier for WOO crates, and if they choose, use it for pooling purposes to make purchases for the community.

  • The second 100k prize pool will be distributed among the users who participate in the Zealy campaign based on the number of points they earn compared to the total points earned. Let's take an example: Suppose @blitzzzz chooses to represent the #hivepizza community and ends up taking 1st place by the end of the event, earning 50% of all available points. In this case, @blitzzzz would win 100k WOObucks for the Pizza community and an incredible 50k WOObucks for themselves! That's truly amazing!


WOO Crates: Unveiling the Excitement!

As part of our July sale event, we are thrilled to introduce WOO Crates! These special crates contain exclusive in-game items and collectibles that will enhance your Wrestling Organization Online experience. Get ready to unlock incredible content and power up your wrestlers like never before!

  • Sale Structure: The sale will run from July 1st to July 31st, giving you an entire month to take advantage of this exciting opportunity.
  • Points System: Earn points to unlock the highly coveted Legendary Crates! Here's how it works:
    • Everyone who has purchased a WOOPARTSUN pack from our official market before the event will receive 10 points per pack.
    • Purchases made with crypto during the event will earn 20 points per WOOPARTSUN pack purchased from our official market.
    • Purchases made with WOObucks during the event will earn a whopping 40 points per WOOPARTSUN pack purchased from our official market.
    • Accumulate a total of 2,000 points to unlock the Legendary Crates.
  • Crate Rewards: For every WOOPARTSUN pack you purchase from our official market, you will receive 1 Common WOO crate. But if you unlock the Legendary tier, you will receive an amazing 5 common crates and 1 legendary crate for every WOOPARTSUN pack purchased from our official market!

Event Details

  • Registration for Communities: Community registration will take place from the release of this post until 11 pm EST on July 3rd.
  • Event Start Date: The event and sprint will officially start on July 4th and run until 11 pm EST on July 18th.
  • Prize Distribution: We will distribute the prizes on or before July 24th, giving users and communities an entire week to make purchases for The WOO Crates sales event.

Join us for this exclusive Zealy event and look forward to another upcoming post with detailed instructions on how users can participate if they are unfamiliar with Zealy. Get ready to engage your communities, showcase your passion for wrestling, and seize the incredible rewards awaiting you in Wrestling Organization Online!

Please note: The information provided here is for promotional purposes only and should not be considered financial advice. Users should make their own decisions based on their preferences and risk tolerance.

Let the excitement begin!

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I'm ready to start the sprint tomorrow & I'M ALL IN WITH ALL ELITE WOO #AEW


I would like to participate in this content creator program. I intend to livestream a "series on Hive games" that will afterwards be put on 3speak here on hive. The livestream is to occur promptly here: https://www.twitch.tv/cryptoniusrex
I am currently hosting a series of WOO prize related chess tournaments here aswell for/on behalf of the PIZZA community: https://peakd.com/hive-157286/@cryptoniusraptor/chess-on-the-canvas-final-tournament-redux-sunday-the-2nd-at-9pm-gmt-please-leave-me-any-feedback-or-suggestions-you-may-have-