Carmen Yanes (TrizDraw) 🫢🏻

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Author reward: 3.162019 SPT for yanes94/re-atemart-rrowy9
Author reward: 0.000017 SPT for yanes94/re-leeendah-rrlkxj
Author reward: 3692.152025 SPT for yanes94/lux-vega-splinterlands-art-contest-week-232-esen
Author reward: 0.030191 SPT for yanes94/re-mario02-rrb9v3
Author reward: 41.295591 SPT for yanes94/queen-crypt-beetle-splinterlands-art-contest-week-231
Author reward: 0.004390 SPT for yanes94/re-deadsparrow-rra3fu
Author reward: 0.000016 SPT for yanes94/re-leeendah-rqve5n
Author reward: 0.004492 SPT for yanes94/re-deadsparrow-rqudun
Author reward: 0.097258 SPT for yanes94/re-splinterlands-rqs5th
Author reward: 39.104635 SPT for yanes94/octavia-shadowmeld-splinterlands-art-contest-week-230
Author reward: 0.056364 SPT for yanes94/re-splinterlands-rq246r
Author reward: 79.223306 SPT for yanes94/ferexian-hero-splinterlands-art-contest-week-228
Author reward: 184.250855 SPT for yanes94/elven-mystic-fanart-splinterlands
Author reward: 0.000003 SPT for yanes94/re-ph1102-rekcfy
Author reward: 2844.743404 SPT for yanes94/theorosa-nightshade-splinterlands-art-contest-week-196
Author reward: 82.084784 SPT for yanes94/ice-pixie-splinterlands-fan-art
Author reward: 0.060300 SPT for yanes94/re-rowell-re2dyh
Author reward: 0.195753 SPT for yanes94/re-rowell-re2d9u
Author reward: 123.411797 SPT for yanes94/goblin-chef-splinterlands-fan-art
Author reward: 0.161711 SPT for yanes94/re-rowell-rdja58
Author reward: 0.162286 SPT for yanes94/re-rowell-rdg60o
Author reward: 0.165411 SPT for yanes94/re-rowell-rdg5om
Author reward: 2520.900556 SPT for yanes94/quora-towershead-splinterlands-art-contest-week-192
Author reward: 0.162809 SPT for yanes94/re-rowell-rd81an
Author reward: 99.242048 SPT for yanes94/speedpaint-character-for-splinterlands-contest
Author reward: 2.108260 SPT for yanes94/re-eustace-kidd-rd123a
Author reward: 2725.330602 SPT for yanes94/splinterlands-art-contest-week-192
Author reward: 0.027187 SPT for yanes94/re-kgakakillerg-rcvybf
Author reward: 17.268815 SPT for yanes94/look-at-me
Author reward: 0.077381 SPT for yanes94/re-sirsmokesalot96-rcnyda
Author reward: 1.626481 SPT for yanes94/re-jeremiahcustis-rcno05
Author reward: 0.002012 SPT for yanes94/re-pgm-curator-rcnlnk
Author reward: 0.045693 SPT for yanes94/re-rowell-rclk1b
Author reward: 275.986362 SPT for yanes94/time-mage-splinterlands-art-contest-week-190
Author reward: 0.238009 SPT for yanes94/re-aurikan-rah65a
Author reward: 0.003596 SPT for yanes94/re-splinterlands-ra6iay
Author reward: 2032.900213 SPT for yanes94/lira-the-dark-splinterlands-art-contest-week-184
Author reward: 0.000327 SPT for yanes94/re-shortshots-r9na68
Author reward: 4.636497 SPT for yanes94/re-splinterlands-r9ks60
Author reward: 1345.068939 SPT for yanes94/original-character-using-haunted-spider-as-inspiration
Author reward: 0.004791 SPT for yanes94/re-rowell-r927cr
Author reward: 0.273440 SPT for yanes94/re-splinterlands-r923mh
Author reward: 2529.967644 SPT for yanes94/splinterlands-art-contest-week-180-qid-yuff
Author reward: 0.000002 SPT for yanes94/re-rowell-r8puu0
Author reward: 2.857605 SPT for yanes94/re-splinterlands-r8f3y7
Author reward: 2243.521691 SPT for yanes94/splinterlands-art-contest-week-179-queen-mycelia
Author reward: 0.061018 SPT for yanes94/re-jordangerder-r7fmgp
Author reward: 965.243780 SPT for yanes94/fanart-of-fina-voxom-splinterlands
Author reward: 1.808674 SPT for yanes94/yzhcqzbs
Curation reward: 97.986447 SPT for elamental/voltero-envisaetherius-collab-character-origin-contest-entry-for-hashrush-and-the-story-of-a-true-artists-struggle