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Hello my splinterlands lovers !

this week splinterlands challenge THEME is SHADOW SNITCH , it love this monster very much. i used many time in a day to win battle with help of this monster, but before writing about the lineup of my this battle ,

i would like to share with you some information that dear splinterlands lovers if you want are new splinterlands player and want to make account strong then will say that your investment in splinterlands will be very much profitable for long term, try to make strong your team, and play and win daily dec,

and if your account will be strong with power then in future many new feature are coming that will be much profitable for you if you invest now in the splinterlands, so how you can invest in splinterlands

  • buy choas pack ,keep them without unbox and you sell your packs in profit in future

  • buy sps splinterlands token and keep for long term and stake it in game wallet to earn airdrop

  • play daily battle and earn dec and keep safe for long term

  • use spt tag to earn spt

  • take participate in contest and earn reward then buy more monster from reward to make strong account

all above are some tips that will help you to make great journey to splinterlands , now i will explain my battle line up, i also upload this battle vido on my youtube channel to promote splinterlands.



this battle was consist of 27 mana and there was two rule that was apply to select army ,so i tried my best to select best team according to given rule, so it is very much important if we do not care about rule then there is 100% we can lost the battle with strong team,

because when we select team for battling that time it is also very much important to understand the rule that what kind of monster are suitable for this battle according to given the rule,

so in this battle there was two rule mean so one rule was EVEN STEVENS in this rules only i have option to chose even mana monsters so it is tough rules but if any user has many good monster with even mana value then he can do better job in placing the army,

so there was second rule Heavy Hitters according to this rule every monster get knock out ability so it is up to team selector that what summoner and what splinter are going to select so first was my theme care in my mind

because this week in weekly battle contest monster has even mana also and also good ability of knock out ,if we use it at the 2nd position , above was rule that was in my mind at the time of selecting team with theme monster.


in this battle my opponent user name is jerson2131, he placed also very much strong team, but in end of the result victory was in my name, so below is detail of battle


i selected RARE Death Summoner its name is ZINTAR MORTALIS , i am using it at the time of learning splinterlands , this summoner has many qualities and unique quality is it is one of the best Summoner and my favorite also. this summoner reduce the attack ability of all enemy monster that has melee attack ,get -1 melee attack so this feature make the summoner good and mana cost is 3 so it is very much adjustable in the short mana battle so in this battle this was my selection in race of summoner selection.


it was total 27 mana battle, and i placed PHANTASM
COMMON Death Unit at first place becasue it has flying ability , it has ability to increased the chances of evading melee or ranged attack of enemy monster who do not has the flying ability ,so this ability increase the chances of missing the attack of enemy to this monster. i placed it at first place. i has 6 mana cost that is affordable in 27 mana game, it has good health,speed and attacking ability .

this time i have total 21 phantasm monster in my account and i will combine them to increase its level . you can see collection of this cards in my account. if any one want to borrow this monster i will help to give them free for one week .


I put the shadow snitch monster which is also the theme card in this week's battle challenge in the first position because this monster fights very well in the second position. In addition to this. Mana cost is 4 and health is 5 but it is a great monster and you can see how this monster is the best attacker. At the moment I have a total of seven shadow snitches and they are currently priced from $ 0.04 to $ 0.08 in the market.


I placed Venari Bonesmith in third place. And if we look at it carefully, it looks like a horrible character and he has a skull bone in his hand and magic flames are coming out in the bone and that is the way he attacks and his attack never goes away. , And its most rare feature is that it adds to its health and strength on a successful attack in each round and it has a total of 4 mana cost and three health and low mana cost and adding to its health make it favorite in low mana cost attacks vigorously and on the other hand, its health increases with each attack.


i placed DARKEST MAGE at 4th position, it has good magic attack ability and low mana cost so because of its magic attack and low mana cost i selected it for the battle , i use it in many battle daily because of low mana cost and magic attack ability , so in this battle its show ability of attach that make the victory possible.


i placed WEIRDING WARRIOR at 5th place and it is
EPIC Death Unit , last few ago , i got this monster in choas legion pack , so i am really lucky i have this monster, so it is new monster and i did not use it very much but in this battle first time i tried to observe its fight , so i think i need more battle to check its abilities but according to description in monster profile , it look one of the best monster ,


i placed MAGI NECROSI at last position and it is EPIC Death Unit , it is also new monster in my line up, i got also this monster in the opening of chaos legion pack, so i used first time this monster in this battle, but i saw it is one of the best monster in low mana cost battle, i think and my observation is that we can use this monster 2 to last at any place , he will fight very well any postion, but it has low health, so it is best to use this monster in low mana cost , like little league , so that will be best choice in little league battles, and also in in 27 mana cost battle.

My Battle review

click if you want to watch battle

Round 1


When the two armies were facing each other on the battlefield, the first attack was made by my army on the enemy and the monster of my army which I had placed at the last position.
it was MAGI NECROSI who killed in first round first monster of enemy in his first attack and fell to the ground and this is how the fight started. And there were fierce attacks on each other from both sides and in the first round one of my monsters was killed in the attack of the enemy and in the first round both the armies fought equally and neither army could get the final or clear lead.

Round 2

As soon as the second round started, my army killed the monster on the first place of the enemy and then my third position monster was killed by the enemy's counterattack. In this second round, my army killed two enemy monsters. And one of my monsters lost his life but from the beginning of the second round my team fought very well.

Round 3


At the end of the first and second round, two monsters had been killed on both sides, but at the beginning of the third round, Megi, who had destroyed the first monster of the enemy in the first round, was the last line of the enemy at the beginning of the third round. The monster was destroyed by a fierce attack and thus the fierce battle of the third round began. And in the third round five monsters of the enemy had been destroyed by my army and thus at the end of the third round it became clear that victory would be our destiny.

Round 5 or final round


in round 4, and 5 , my monsters fought very well and they destroyed all enemy team in last round, but my theme monster of the week was alive and i am very much happy that i won this battle with theme card against strong team,

Battle Result


Watch battle on splinterlands blockchian battle link

  • Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?
    yes my strategy worked very well, and my all monsters played very well according to my planing, just my 4th position monster selection was not good, because it was new monster and had no info about its placment, so next time i will try to play more battle with theme card of this week , i will try to use this monster in low mana cost and will try new monster ,

  • Do you like the SHADOW SNITCH? Why or why not?

yes i like very much SHADOW SNITCH and SHADOW SNITCH is good monster but i always try to use this monster in low mana battle

image source i have taken my all post images from splinterlands site



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Splinterlands is alot tougher now! There is so many new options after opening just a handful of packs.. the new cards are so scary too! Haha