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Assalam-o-Alaikum !السلام عليكم

It has been three or four weeks and due to personal household commitments, I have not been able to write splinterlands content, but at the beginning of every week I wish that I will definitely write splinterlands content, but the engagements were such that I was very busy, but from today I Completely freed from my busy schedule and writing content for my favorite NFT game today.

As we all know that the season of splinterland has reached its end and today when I logged into my splinterlands account I saw that my season reward was pending and when I redeemed my season end reward So I won more than four dollars worth of keys yesterday and I'm very happy because I also got a pack and the market value of the pack is about two dollars right now. My biggest wish is to get at least one pack at the end of each season. In the screenshot below you can see my season reward details.



This season's reward details are as follows: I won a total of $4.336 worth of rewards, but this does not include the market value of eight cards because the NFT cards I received in this reward are not yet listed in the market.

When those cards are listed in the market, my reward will exceed $20, so I think that all these cards will be very important in the future, and the way splinterlands is developing rapidly, it is clear that The time is not far when splinterlands game will be the biggest gaming community in the world.

I got a total of eight cards, sixteen sps coin, seventeen gold portions, four legendary portions and 335 merit coins. The biggest thing is that I also got two very good cards at the end of this season.

Every Splinterlands player wants to include the strongest and most powerful monsters in his card collection, and then during the redeem of every season and daily focus chest reward , he has the same desire to get Gold, Legendary cards. i got in last season reward Berix Snakeye monster has been found. This monster belongs to the dragon family and it is a very powerful dragon monster. If I talk about the characteristics of this dragon monster, this monster can be a very strong choice in big mana battle. This monster has six armor at level one and whenever a magic attacker will attack the opponent monster Berix Snakeye. So his magic attack will damage the armor first which is a great feature, besides this monster has 5 health and it is a range attacker and monster with excellent speed abilities and it is one of the best in my collection. Great addition and I'm sure this card will be worth at least $5 when it's listed on the market and will further enhance its current capabilities.

Another good card I got is IDRI FYRE and it belongs to Fire unit. I have a total of six Diri fyre monsters in my collection and I will combine them all to level one of this monster to level two. . This monster also has three protective shield armor and a strong health. This is one of my favorite monsters and if the monster is used in the best position it can ensure victory against the opponent in battle.


my dear friends , it is true that every reward of splinterlands is important and we can also withdraw the reward and reinvest this reward, so I am reinvesting the reward received from every season and daily focus chest so that the value of my splinterlands account will increase.

At the end of this season I got sixteen sps coin and I have staked the sps. If you check the market value of sps coin in the past, there was a time when the value of one sps coin was above one dollar and hopefully in the future I believe that sps coin will reach its highest value, so I have a great desire to achieve the stake goal of 30 thousand sps coin and every sps coin is helping me to achieve this goal.

With merit I will buy more packs and gold and legendary portion will give me benefit during pack opening. In this way, the pack I got will be held for now and if the price of this pack increases in the future, I will sell it and buy a powerful monster.

I understand and repeat that if you start the splinterlands game with just fifty dollars and if you follow my mentioned reinvest strategy that is called it the splinterlands my reinvest scheme, you will see your splinterlands account grow with each passing day. Thank you all so much for reading my splinterland content.



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