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RE: You can use DEC (earned from Splinterlands) to buy Steam Games!

in #gaming10 months ago

This is really cool, to be able to pay in DEC! I love it! I am only playing Splinterlands but I do like the occasional TF2 with all the shooting! LOL! I am going to go try this out right now! An upvote is on the way from Steem Monsters!


Thanks for the curation!

If there's a Steam game you'd like to buy even if it's not on DGameMarket yet, I might be able to provide it there cheaper than Steam.

By the way, I'm not affiliated with DGameMarket, I just sell games there, and I don't know the creator personally. Forgot to write that in the post.

How does it work, like I bought a game but where do I go to get it? I see I have the serial number...

You have to Sign up for a free account of Steam, Install Steam client and then activate the game with the serial number you got.